A touch of yellow…

My latest “rag bag”…

First of all I call it a rag bag because it’s made of leftover pieces of other projects as well as otherwise unusable articles of clothing (i.e. this bag has pieces from two old t-shirts and a pair of pants.)  I designed the pattern a few years ago when I was still taking music lessons, it’s an ideal size for music books and sheet music. (my 17in. laptop fits in perfectly as well… how cool is that, eh?) This one came into being because a friend of mine loved mine. 🙂

My themed colours were black, white, and grey.  At the end I decided to add a few yellow accents… maybe to remind myself that sometimes, we have to choose to add colour to life. We have to choose to smile. Life is always a little more exciting when there’s some colour in it, eh?

So, enjoy your Friday… and add some colour if you need too! 😀

Always, Aims

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