A new New Year’s “Resolution”!?

Yes, I know it’s WAY past Jan. 1… but sometimes I like breaking rules; today I made a New Year’s resolution (who cares if it’s “a couple” months late, right?) 🙂 Even if it’s spring…?

Today I realized: I don’t take enough pictures.

Hey there! Stop laughing! Let me explain…Whoever would’ve thought a photographer would say, “I don’t take enough pictures”?!

Give me a minute (or more!) to expound my statement… 🙂 First of all I love life, I love MY life and the unique things that make it “mine”, such as having the privilege of having a “live-in” BFF (how cool is that, eh? Yup, my older sister is beyond awesome!) or living in a country where food and water are always available…

I love the little things in life too, those little details… like my red fingerless “photography” mittens and my camera keychain that makes a shutter sound and flashes when you hit the button. (Yes, I am easily amused)  Life is about stepping back for a few seconds and enjoying these little gifts.  I’m guilty of being so busy that I don’t always notice them, don’t always think about how thankful I truly am…even that I can put gas (at outrageous prices!) in the car.

Okay, okay, to make what’s turning into a longer rambly explanation shorter.  Today, I realized I don’t take pictures of some of these simple gifts, special moments, so that I can remember them later… usually, I’m too busy to take notice let alone snap a picture.  Yet, when I actually do take that extra moment…I’m SO thankful later!

So what exactly is my resolution/goal? Simply this: To take more pictures of the “everyday” gifts I get to experience. I know I’ll be thankful I did when 20 years down the road I can look back and remember… 🙂 Not only have a memory, but a tangible reminder in the form of a picture.

I’m hoping that by having a blog, it will remind me to snap pictures. 😀 To start off… here’s a picture when some of my family and I went skating a few weeks ago…

Why is it special? Because we’re together.  It’s the night before my sister leaves…and it’s our last skate of the season.

Any newish goals you’ve made recently?

Always, Aims

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