Feature: Anna Grad ’12

Today I get the pleasure of featuring Anna! She’s graduating from high school this year and we decided to start celebrating already!  She’s graduating in a couple of months, and we also “happened” to do this shoot the day after her 18th birthday. 🙂

Not only does Anna have a fun personality, I like her fashion sense too. 😀  She inspires me to be different and to be more adventurous in my own fashion tastes.

We did the shoot in downtown Kelowna at the waterfront.  After having a snowfall the week before, we were both pretty excited to have such a sunny afternoon for the photoshoot.


Anna is also a licensed lifeguard and swim teacher, but her future plans include something in the nursing field. I’m pretty sure she’ll be fantastic at whatever she sets out to do!

Hey, she can even drive stick (I can’t do that yet!) I mean, how cool is that? 😉


I had a blast Anna, thanks for letting me take your pics! All the best for your future! Hope to see you through my lens again soon! (Sooner than later I think… I’ve seen her prom dress already!) 😉


Always, Aims

4 thoughts on “Feature: Anna Grad ’12

  1. Great shots of a beautiful girl!! (K – so I’m a bit biased! But I get to live with her and I know that her beauty reaches all the way into her core!) She had fun with you, Aims! How blessed the two of you are to have such a close cousin relationship!

  2. Aim this looks amazing! I love what you did with all the photos, they turned out so well! You’re doing an awesome job, and I really appreciate your enthusiasm and love for everything photography! ❤ Thanks again 🙂

  3. Anna is a very beautiful young woman, these pictures are stunning. I have no doubt she’s even more beautiful on the inside….

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