Portrait Feature: Astrid

You’d think that someone with a cool name like Astrid would be well, super cool… It’s (very!) true! 😀

When I think of Astrid I always smile 🙂 …maybe because the picture that comes to mind when I think of her there’s always a smile on her face.

Her perky personality and cheery disposition are contagious… I always find myself happier after a visit with Astrid (especially visits that include a Capachillo from Blendz) 🙂 I always enjoy any time I can spend with her, (and I’m stalking up because she’s only here visiting for a few months!) Yes…sometimes it feels like all my friends are leaving! 😦

Astrid is one of those people who is really good at accessorizing.  She has the gift of knowing what to add to an outfit and how much to add…she’s always tasteful in it.  I appreciate it (no one likes over accessorizing I think!) She always looks so “put together”…and you can see the European flair in her style. 🙂

When Astrid walks into a room…it’s like a ray of sunshine entered with her.

She’s just come back from working/traveling for 8 months in Europe (Germany mostly) and has plans to return! I won’t lie…I’m for sure going to miss her (lots!) But, I’m already excited in thinking that I’ll be able to visit her there (even if it takes a couple years) 🙂 …and if I do I already know it’s going to be an adventure!! 😀

Remember Jannice from last week? I actually shot Astrid on the same day, which means that it’s the same location; Father Pandosy Mission in Kelowna.

Thanks Astrid, for letting me take your pictures…it was fantastic!  Now I can always see you even when you’re far away.

Always, Aims

P.s. Featuring the Jannice + Astrid duo next Thursday…you won’t want to miss it!!!

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