Street Photography: Portland, OR

Street photography intrigues me.  I mean, we’ve all seen those awesome moments that (often photo journalists) have caught. I think of that famous one, from the victory celebrations after WW2, of the sailor kissing the nurse.

Well, I’m not a photo journalist, and I’m a little shy when it comes to taking pictures of random strangers.  However, when I was in Portland last summer, I challenged myself a little, and got out of my comfort zone…and tried a little “street photography”.

I found myself wondering who these people were, what were (are) their stories? Why were they there? I didn’t have opportunity to talk with them but here are some of the “interesting” people from Portland, OR. (haha, keep Portland weird, right?)

The clash of the tattoo and the words on his t-shirt drew my attention to this man. I asked myself…does he know what his t-shirt asks those around him?

Maybe he told his wife I was going to exercise the dog.  Or maybe this is their daily routine.

I still wonder if there was actually coffee mate in the container. This was in the middle of a busy park…hence, the earphones?

Maybe I should have a caption contest for this picture. I really wonder how much he likes his job… or maybe it’s the “uniform”?


Lunch is always better in the park…out of a pot!

I find this guy a lot less creepy than those clowns who paint their faces and try get kids to like them. Clowns are kinda creepy…just sayin’. Balloon people are talented, eh!


When I saw this guy I stopped for a few minutes…various things came to mind.  Afterwards, I couldn’t get this scene out of my head.  He did this thing with these glass balls, allowing them to almost seamlessly slide around his hands and arms.  At the time my friends told me the name of this art form, but now for the life of me I can’t remember what it’s called (never fails, eh!)

What struck me first was the fact that he showed no emotion.  The entire time we stood there his facial expression never changed. Because of his sunglasses you never knew in which direction his eyes were focused. He had also painted his entire body silver, giving off the sense of coldness.  I thought of the Tin Man, from The Wizard of Oz, who has no heart and cannot feel. Why was this guy here? For the money? How does it feel to have people gawking at you for hours at a time? Or, did he simply view himself as a performer, an artist?

For a dollar, he would stoop and shake your hand. I couldn’t resist… I had to know he was still human. He was…his hand was warm…and so lifelike.

One more… literal street picture. 😉 I couldn’t resist… I laughed when I saw this etched in the pavement. (only in Portland, right?)

Yeah, I do wonder who these people were…who they are now, and where they might be.  But maybe that’s just another piece of street photography: knowing I’ll never know.

I had fun sharing a little piece of Portland with you all today 🙂

Always, Aims

3 thoughts on “Street Photography: Portland, OR

    1. All photos were taken in public places and I am simply publishing them as art. I’m not selling them etc. This abides with everything I researched on “street photography”. 🙂

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