Street Photography: Musicians. Part 1

Being a musician myself… I notice other musicians, especially those who take their instrument of choice to the “street corner”.  I enjoy stepping back and listening, observing them… how they interact with the crowd (if they do at all!) or if they’re with another musician, the way they interact with each other.

For this post, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves… my words won’t do justice.

Why yes…he DOES have a kitten sitting on his accordion. 😀

Sometimes your instrument consists of what is available…

If you know what this instrument is called…PLEASE let me know! (because I have no idea!) 😀 I think it’s some form of bass-ish instrument.

They obviously enjoyed playing together…

Hope you enjoyed a this little taste of music on the streets. Next week in Part 2 will be street musicians in Europe.

Missed last week’s street photography post? You can see it here.

Always, Aims

5 thoughts on “Street Photography: Musicians. Part 1

  1. The “instrument” you were wondering about is called a washboard. Why is it called that? Because it was originally designed to assist in hand washing cloths. Your photo portrays its modern use 🙂

    1. Haha I meant the one below, with the wash-tub/bass guitar player in it. From what I remember I assume it’s some form of a “bass” instrument.

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