7 Logical Tips to Keep Your Wardrobe Organized

So…what girl doesn’t have a closet overflowing with cloths and accessories? Yeah, me too. :-S Sometimes it’s hard to find space for everything (especially when you have a hat collection as I do!) 😛 Well, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned recently and not so recently about staying on top of the organization issue.

1. Stacking

As you know by now, I have a hat collection. Well, when you don’t have a whole bunch of extra space, you have to get creative. I figured out that hats with similar styles and sizes fit together very nicely.

Now my entire hat collection fits on one shelf. 😉 This also leaves me enough room to store my winter mitts etc. on the same shelf…!

2. Think About Wrinkles

I’ve found that if I can mentally sort out things that wrinkle easily versus things that don’t wrinkle easily…it helps when putting them away.  If it doesn’t wrinkle much, fold it and put it on a shelf or in a drawer. If it does wrinkle a lot, hang it up.  Some of my skirts (that I’d usually automatically hang up) don’t wrinkle…so I’ve realized by folding them it leaves room to hang up other “less practical” articles of clothing.

3. Scarves

I saw this idea on Pinterest the other day (why didn’t I see this sooner?!) I really love scarves…a lot, it’s just hard to keep track of them. This is a fantastic way to keep track of them…and it’s SO simple! All you need is a hanger! How awesome is that?! Plus, they’re separated so you can see them all…rather than rummaging through a tangled pile (been there, done that!)

4. Hang it up!

You save a lot of drawer space by hanging up your clothes. (I only have 4 drawers so I need to be creative.)  I have these three “pegs” (pictured below).  I keep my cardigan type sweaters and other flowingish sweaters on them (this is so awesome because they don’t wrinkle when they hang!) I also have hooks hanging off the back of my door (SO handy!)

5. Thick Stuff

love big cozy sweaters…! When I wear one it’s almost like being hugged 24/7. Unfortunately, they take up a lot of space…they’re thick and don’t fold very well. 😦 Similar to the “peg” idea, I use the hooks on the back of my door for those… it saves SO much room…and besides, what else would you do with the back of your door?

If you’re tight for space somewhere… reorganize or move thick stuff first! You make more room for yourself that way as well! 😉

6. Make Accessories Accessible!

If it isn’t within easy reach or sight… you probably won’t use it (especially when you’re in a hurry!) Who likes digging through a pile of random accessories trying to find “that one”? I like wearing headbands etc.  I hang them on the towel rack on my vanity.  They’re always within plain sight and I don’t have to detangle anything! It’s something simple but saves time.

7.Double up!

Running out of space? One of the simplest ways to make more room is to double up when you’re hanging or stacking. Most skirt hangers are strong enough to hold two (or three!) skirts.  Hang blazers over blouses (just be careful to fold the blouse collar over the blazer so it doesn’t get wrinkled.) Small purses fit into bigger ones. The possibilities are (almost) endless when you put your mind to it!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into organizing your wardrobe. Have you learned any “tricks of the trade”? I’m always open to new ideas when it comes to organizing, I’d love to hear what you do or have done in the past!

Happy organizing!

I’ve made a specific board on Pinterest for organizing by hanging… check it out HERE for more ideas!

Always, Aims

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