Surviving: 10-day (raw) Juice Cleanse!

A couple weeks ago I offhandedly agreed to join my sister in the 10-day raw juice cleanse she was planning to do. (it’s probably a good thing I didn’t think it through too much before saying I’d do it…because I probably would’ve backed out!) 🙂

What is a raw juice cleanse? It’s pretty simple. It’s basically a full body “detox” and cleanse… it’s really good for you, and I’m sure my body loves me so much more now! 😛 (I could go more into details but this isn’t a health blog. It’s just a post about my personal experience.) What’s involved? Drinking raw juice….for 10 days…and NOT EATING ANYTHING! (and no coffee!!!)

juice: cabbage, tummeric root, celery, broccoli

I decided to blog about it now, after the fact because I wasn’t sure I’d last the entire 10 days. 🙂

This one was yummy! Pure watermelon juice!

So, we drank juice (and water!)….LOTS of it!  For the first 3 days I had headaches and not very much energy (probably because my body was detoxifying.) But for the next 4 days I felt really good. But by about day 7…juice isn’t very appetizing, at all…haha. (This is when I was thankful to have a support person in my sister!) But we did it…we survived!

Juice: carrots, apples, parsley, ginger

Ok ok….confession time. I ate a tiny dinner on the night of day 2 (because I was SO hungry…and seriously it was mostly broccoli!) On day 10 I ate salad because I was involved in a fancy dinner at a restaurant, but it was the very end of day 10. 😉

Juice: beets, lime, apple, jerusalem artichoke

Some advice:

Don’t do it alone! If you ever have to do something like this…find someone willing to do it with you. It really helps to have someone by your side knowing what you’re going through, who can relate to your suffering 😉 (Ok, that was a little over dramatic…but it’s kind of true.)

Try (if possible) to plan it when you’re not overly busy and won’t be fasting/cleansing during a holiday or family celebration. Take it from someone who knows! (Unless you want to sit drinking broth while your family eats a steak dinner…!) 😛

juice: mango, kale, coconut water, celery or cabbage

By the way…I’m SO MUCH MORE thankful for food now! Wow! I can’t describe how unbelievably yummy that first egg was…or the first bite of a tangy strawberry! THE FIRST SIP OF COFFEE! 😛 I’m more appreciative of my country, of where I am blessed to live…and how we have access to so much food! I can’t help but think of all those people who don’t have food…don’t even have juice or water! Who would give anything for water (not to mention juice or food!)  😦 We have SO much! And I think know we take it for granted…I did! Doing this juice cleanse was a great reminder of that… helped build some character too. 😉 Want to know how self-disciplined you are? Try a juice cleanse! hehe 😛

Enjoy your holiday if you’re celebrating Victoria Day today! 😀

When you eat…take a moment to be thankful for what’s before you! 😉

Always, Aims

13 thoughts on “Surviving: 10-day (raw) Juice Cleanse!

  1. You made it all look so pretty. Almost like magic potions. That part looked encouraging. The no coffee part, not so much.

  2. I’ve been juicing off and on for years and love it. We tried watermelon 3 nights ago and it was nauseating. Bleck!

    1. When your other options include carrots and beets…watermelon is yummy! (A little nausea might mean you’re detoxing…watermelon is really good for your liver.)

  3. Looks…good? I’m sure it tastes as fresh as the photos look, but not sure I’d have the energy to make it all myself. You should start a business and send them out to lazy unhealthy people like me! 😛

    1. Well honestly, some look yummier than they taste. By about day 7…I was really sick of beets and carrots haha. It sure helps to do it with someone (juicing goes faster when two work on it as well!)

      …I think booster juice beat me in the business start up for lazy people who don’t want to juice themselves… 😛

  4. I’m glad you posted this and that I came across it. I’ve been wanting to do this (and maybe it’s just because I made myself a smoothie right now for lunch) but somehow this post has spurred me on. And I love watermelon so that sounds yummy to me, I will go buy some this afternoon! Thanks for the incentive to give this a go. 🙂

    1. You can do it!!! 🙂 Trust me, as hard as it may be during the process it’s worth it in the end (think of how much more your body will love you after 😉 ) I’m convinced…if I can do it…ANYONE can! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 😀 I’ll do my best to answer. 🙂 Good luck…you can do it! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the wonderfully written words! I am going to start a modified version tomorrow. I modified dinners with solid….salad. So, I could feel confident with cheating. I am not sure however what I will do without coffee. My children and husband may leave! And even the dog too! 🙂 Thanks for the encouraging words!

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