Feature: Julia’s Prom

Meet Julia…

It wasn’t too far back when Julia contacted me about an idea she had to celebrate her graduation/prom.  When she explained it…I loved the concept immediately!

Her idea was simple.  She asked a few of her close friends to (dress nicely!) and join her on the day of her prom, to help her celebrate her graduation.  Part of these celebrations was a “best friends” photoshoot in downtown Kelowna. I was so excited to be a part of it!

As you can see…we had a blast! 😀

Isn’t Julia gorgeous? The best part is…she has a beautiful personality too! 🙂 I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Julia better. After chatting with her about her plans for the day… I knew it was going to be fun! And, I wasn’t disappointed! 😀

“Best friend” shoots are always so full of “girlyness” and piles laughter…I love it!

The special girls in Julia’s life…


Katherine and Diana!




They’re all really special girls…Julia, you’re so blessed to count them as your friends! (But, they’re also super lucky to have you too! 😉 )

Thanks girls, for sharing your friendship with me… and including me in the fun for the afternoon! I had a fantastic time with you all!

And so…till next time…

Always, Aims

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