30 Days in England: day 1

Tower Bridge… London, England.

I hinted yesterday at a special feature that would be coming to my blog for the month of June! (Ah it’s JUNE already?!) I’m very excited to share the beginning with you today.

Every day of June I’ll be posting (at least) one picture of the trip I made to England in June, 2010.  (Specific cities will include: London, Brighton, Bath, Oxford, and others.)  This will be on top of my other regular portrait features etc.

So…be sure and come back every day! 😀

It was a fantastic trip and I’m so excited to share some pieces of it during the next 30 days!

Always, Aims

3 thoughts on “30 Days in England: day 1

      1. Haha, hate to be a Brit-freak 😉 Great photos! I can’t wait to see all the other ones for this month. I was in England for three days in late April and late September last year and absolutely loved it, so I’ll be reminiscing right along with you

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