30 Days in England: Day 3

Brighton Road

For today, I’ll continue with a few more pictures from Brighton!

We hit it on a gloriously sunny day!

I loved their oddly narrow roads… (yes they are narrow to a farm girl from Canada! 😉 )

(no, I don’t think I want to park there!)

…and colourful buildings…

These houses apartments belong in a novel…or film? Maybe they just remind me of Stuart Little?

I’m only on Day 3 and loving this already! 🙂 It’s like re-living my whole vacation!

Always, Aims

5 thoughts on “30 Days in England: Day 3

    1. Hey sadiesandie!
      No, sadly…SO sadly I won’t be visiting Scotland during my June feature! 😦
      I want to go there SO badly! It just didn’t work out on that trip! But someday…I hope! I know I would love it there (starting with that accent!)
      The closest I’ve been to Scotland is the hour layover we had in Glasgow on our flight into England (does a pictures out of an airplane window count? 😉 )
      Have you been to Scotland?

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