30 Days in England: Day 14 (Oxford pt. 1)

Within moments of deciding to blog about Oxford and looking through my “Oxford Pictures”…I realized there were way to many pictures for only one post!

Even fitting my favourits into two posts will be next to impossible I think! 😦

In all the cities, all the villages I was able to see…Oxford was definitely one of my very favourite places.

As hard as it is to try fit Oxford into one or two blog posts…it was just as hard to decided how to split them up… Today’s Oxford post is some of the “streets”, what you see from them. 🙂

Pictures don’t do Oxford justice…my words surely don’t either! I fell in love with the history, the old buildings, the streets…everything!

Sure hoping I can go back and walk the streets of Oxford again someday!

Tomorrow’s post will also be about Oxford, some of the buildings…more “artish” pictures of Oxford! 🙂

Always, Aims

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