30 Days in England: Day 18 (Gravestones)

Another thing I loved about England…were the epic gravestones. (Don’t laugh! This is true!) 🙂

So…enjoy the “artistic” perspective of it! Lots of them didn’t have names or dates, the weather having erased any personal recognition attached to them.

Or sometimes… they were so simple…

Or… intricate!

When people think of traveling to England…they probably don’t think of the old graveyards and gravestones there, I know I didn’t! Nonetheless it ended up being a super interesting part of my trip!

Always, Aims

13 thoughts on “30 Days in England: Day 18 (Gravestones)

  1. Wow, this would be so interesting! I like to walk old graveyards, older the better. My wife will have nothing to do with it… It’s so ethereal… Spooky, mystifying…

      1. ah very nice, can’t say I’ve ever been over that way before but it looks like I’m missing out! I see you’ve been enjoying our wonderful British weather

      2. I sure did! (these pictures are from when I visited awhile bacl!) However…in the three weeks I sent in England we had AMAZING weather!!! (only a couple of nights and one day of “rain” the entire time I was there!)

  2. Aims I’ve always like visiting cemeteries, the older the better. I love to look at gravestones, reading about the person who was buried there and just enjoying the peace.

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