30 Days in England: Day 21 (Roman Baths)

Yesterday was a tiny peek of the city of Bath.  A good chunk of the day we spent in Bath (sounds better when you pronounce it with a British accent by the way!) was spent in the old Roman Baths.  Wow…was that ever amazing!

The architecture was outstanding!

Down inside was just as phenomenal…but I really had to pick and choose my pictures (especially when trying to fit the entire Roman Baths into one post!)

Old tiles…used for heating.

An indoor round bath…

Back outside but down below

Looking up

Visiting the Roman Baths was totally worth it… there’s so much history and information.  Re-reading this post, I realize I’ve barely scratched the surface…hopefully it’s just enough to make you want to visit! 😉

Always, Aims


4 thoughts on “30 Days in England: Day 21 (Roman Baths)

  1. Such odd water color. I assume nobody gets in there! The word Bath probably does sound better sans my American ‘accent’. I find the differences and similarities in the dialects fascinating. Great photos as always!

  2. loved the last few shots the best (blue sky in windows), golden building, and the water; lovely colors. I’ve been to a few hot springs here and there in my travels and while the color of the water is, at first, unappealing, it’s the natural soils, organics, etc. that affect the water and typically not the people in it. Definitely piqued my interest to visit here. Great site!

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