30 Days in England: Day 22 (Windows!)

So hum, England has some really amazing windows…!

While sorting through my pictures, I realized I have an “odd” assortment of pictures of various windows…

I know it’s kind of a “different” theme, but if I can feature (two!) days on English gravestones… a window theme isn’t weird at all 😉

What else can be said of them? I like that windows let in light! 😀 (Imagine living in a house without them!)

Haha…wow ended up with more than I thought! 🙂 I think one of the things I noticed was the intricate detailing…

I think that will be all for today 🙂 If you’re “stuck” inside today…hopefully there’s a window nearby!

Friday! woohoo!

Always, Aims


17 thoughts on “30 Days in England: Day 22 (Windows!)

  1. Third to bottom the Bath Cathedral? I didn’t notice the windows there, but the roof was unbelievable! Loving your shots, and thanks for your likes on mine. When you’re done your 30 days I’ll throw up some from my first weekend in London (finally getting around to editing my Europe photos from last summer…)

    1. It’s one of the churches in Oxford (I want to say Christ Church but don’t quote me on that!)
      Oh please do! Love seeing how other people capture the same places I’ve been too… Your perspective will be totally different than mine! Looking forward to it! 🙂

      1. Most of my London ones focus on the war memorials and the soldiers (I’m a history geek), and when I get to the end of my Europe photos there will be some from Bath as well (similar to yours actually, I have a feeling most people end up with very similar photos!). It might take me a while to get to those ones though…

      2. I’ll be doing a “war memorial” post soon. I’d love to do a trip focusing on the war (my cousin did and it looked awesome!)
        The thing I realized was that you really can’t grasp the architecture etc. in pictures very well. I struggled with that the most…wanting to “catch it all” but knowing I never could.
        You’re right…people do end up with similar pictures, which is another reason I did posts like todays…featuring a subject rather than a city. 🙂

      3. Yah, that was definitely a cool idea to show the windows. I was working at a war museum in France, that’s why my eyes were peeled for those sights. And yes, architecture takes a certain skill. I find the best shots are not of the “whole” image but of the details within, even if they aren’t specific to the architecture. Like my blog’s banner photo. I loved the whole series of houses (in Holland) but the roofs were what made them special.

  2. Beautiful English design! Considering the technology available all those many years ago, it’s an amazing feat to have built these beautiful, ornate churches and other structures. I so enjoy these! Thank you 🙂

  3. It helps that all the windows there are so beautiful! My favorite photo is the eighth one down, the front of a building. I love the steep angle of the shot- very dramatic! Good work as always, and your commentary is entertaining to read too. 😉

    1. Awe thanks… 🙂 haha it’s always nice to know when someone reads everything…you never know when people just skim through the pictures skipping the words!

  4. Do you think anyone has jumped to his or her death through any of those windows in the distant past? Perhaps a monk losing his faith, or a heartbroken lord’s heir?

    1. Since there isn’t a ‘Like’ button for comments, this is just me letting you know that I like your comment, but don’t have anything of substance to say in response. 🙂

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