30 Days in England: Day 26 (Tower of London)

View of the Tower of London from Tower Bridge.

Today begins (perhaps a few 😉 ) posts of the city of London.  I spent two days in London during my “England trip”. (I’m convinced you could spend years there without discovering it’s entirety.)

So today’s post touches (very slightly) on the Tower of London. This is the very first castle I was able to see and touch for myself in real life…definitely a day to remember!

So, why are there ravens there? Legend says that the presence of ravens at the Tower of London will guarantee the continuation of the monarchy…

I loved seeing “arrow slits” with my own eyes….it’s one of those things you read about in books and finally understand the concept when you see it for yourself.

Traitor’s Gate… (kind of self explanatory. They did bring traitors through here…later to be imprisoned or beheaded.)

Once again… pictures can’t begin to capture everything!

Some of the famous people who have been held (even briefly) in the Tower of London include William Wallace, Sir Thomas More, Anne Bolelyn and Catherine Howard (both were wives of King Henry the Vlll. They are both buried in the chapel at the Tower of London, as well as Sir Thomas More.) Thomas Cromwell. Lady Jane Grey (also her husband) they are also buried in the Tower chapel. Princess Elizabeth (future Queen Elizabeth the l.) William Penn, a Quaker and the man who founded Pennsylvania… and of course many more.

Again, it was that amazing feeling of walking streets, seeing views, that countless people have seen before myself… Walking streets Kings and Queens (from various countries) walked.  Nothing compares with “reliving” history in this way!

Always, Aims

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