30 Days in England: Day 28 (Epic!) Doors

Along with the phenomenal windows, haunting gravestones (part 1 and part 2!), enchanting pathways…I also fell in love with all the epic doors and doorways…(ok this also includes a couple archways!) 😉

A simpler cozy set…

A few with a medieval feel… (looks like these could’ve come right out of a story book, eh?)

…these don’t really fall into a specific category, haha.

A epic door post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of 221b Baker Street, London. (For all you Sherlock Holmes fans!) 😀

Hope you enjoyed it… I know it was a “pic heavy” post, so if you actually read the whole thing…virtual high five from me. 🙂

Jane Austen house tomorrow!

Always, Aims

14 thoughts on “30 Days in England: Day 28 (Epic!) Doors

  1. I think I could go to England just to look for doors. And windows. AND staircases! SOOO epic and wanting to invite me in… 🙂

    1. I can relate! Doing a post about England every day just makes me want to go back more and more! If you ever get the opportunity… do it! you won’t regret going!

      1. I will, ma’am! Keep the pictures coming! I’m going to be doing a recommendation blog real soon, and I’ll include your work. And in a couple of weeks I’m doing the TOP 5 adventures Amanda and I have been on, which will be followed by the top 5 places we want to visit in the next 5 years. I will definitely tag the link for England to your page. 🙂

      2. Wow, that would be super cool! 🙂 I like all your posts about top 5s etc. (I read a bunch of your blog the other night.) Posts like that are fun and people like to come back and see what’s happening 😀 No Europe trips for me this year anymore, maybe next year 🙂 Looking forward to the places you want to visit (besides England!) 😀

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