30 Days in England: Day 30 (the end?!)

How do I end this? I’ve known for days that today was coming (duh!) but nothing amazing comes to mind when I think about bringing this all to an end…I couldn’t settle upon anything to end it! (Because I wish it didn’t have to end!)

It was a pleasure sharing so many little pieces of England with you all!

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral

The Roman Baths and the City of Bath.

So I decided just to reshare, to relive some of the highlights of my journey.  Especially for those who joined part way through or near the end!

There were two posts about Oxford, one of my very favourite cities of all! Part 1 and Part 2, as well as a specific post on the Bodleian Library.

I also loved the “theme” days… starting with Pathways of England on to the theme of epic Gravestones which also became two posts, Part 1 and Part 2.

Of course our windows and doors days…!

It really has been SO much fun to do this! And this won’t be the end…! 🙂 I have more pictures of England and many of my trip to Germany.

Thanks again to everyone who came along for the ride, everyone who came back every day! I appreciate all the support!

Always, Aims

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