Feature: Baby Lulu

It’s an official post of Lulu’s baby pictures…finally! 😀  I won’t say too much today, (there’s isn’t much to say about a little person that isn’t quite 3 weeks old!)

She has a dimple in her chin, just like her Daddy… None of the rest of her siblings have this!


She sleeps… alot. But, you know? That’s a really good thing at this age 😉 The pink gerbera daisy was part of the bouquet of flowers from our church family. 🙂

Lulu was amazing during our photo session. Special thanks to my sister for holding blankets smoothing out wrinkles…and giggling along with me. 🙂 I couldn’t have done it without you, Berly. 😉

She’s just as adorable when she’s awake as when she’s asleep! 🙂

The rainbow blanket she’s laying on is very special, lovingly hand-made by a friend of ours. I knew months ago, that I would use it when I took pictures of (at that time) “the baby”.  A rainbow, reminding us of promise, of God’s grace.

Now you’ve officially met Lulu… 🙂

Always, Aims

13 thoughts on “Feature: Baby Lulu

  1. Awesome pictures and more amazing baby!!! Congratulations to your whole family on the safe and healthy arrival of your new gift. You are ALL an amazing family!

  2. She is a beautiful little girl admired and loved by many…even though she is only three weeks old!! Hard to choose a favourite here as they all capture her so lovingly! Congratulations ! Lorelei

  3. She’s a little doll, can’t wait to snuggle her. Tell your mom I will be happy to take care of her so she can get time to herself….:)

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