Grandpa’s Hands…

My Grandfather’s hands.

This picture is special to me for sentimental value as much as anything else. A picture of my Grandpa, doing something he loves to do.  A man who plays every note by ear… a man who, when he was young, used his lunch breaks to play guitar. A man who, shared his love of music with his children, and who in turn poured that same love into their children.  I’m one of the grandchildren, who has grown up surrounded by music, and the love of family…the love of my grandparents.

I don’t think I’ve realized how blessed am…to have grown up with all four of my grandparents close by. To be showered in their prayers and affection, and to learn from how they have lived their lives.  I couldn’t begin to write about everything I’ve learned from them… but a couple things that come to mind. First and foremost, their love for Christ…and how they have all strived to live His love, and to share His love with those around them; wether strangers, friends, or family. To keep a sense of humour, even in tough times.  When I think of the marriages of both sets of my grandparents, I know what “true love” is…and I know it’s more than fuzzy feelings inside, because I’ve seen them come through some hard times, and I know it’s possible to adore your spouse even after over 50 years of marriage. To do job, and to do it right. Take time for the ones you love. Think before you act…it might lead to injury if you don’t.  Generosity.  Hospitality.  Caring about “un-carable” people.  Think of others before yourself.  Well the list could continue…and continue.  Suffice to say…I’ve been blessed; extremely.

And, I’m thankful.

Always, Aims

3 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Hands…

  1. Amy you are so sweet. This post brings tears to my eyes! We are indeed so very, very blessed to be part of such a loving family, where serving God is the foremost calling, and we see that calling lived out in our grandparents/parents!

  2. You are indeed blessed to be a part of a large loving family. From the time I met your maternal Granpa, I knew he was a special man. My boys do not have grandparents from either side to watch them grow up. Their Dad’s parents have died and my parents are thousands of miles away. I often wish I could ” rent a grandparent” for them so that they have experiences like you have had and you will continue to have, and that your children will have. You are indeed blessed Aims…

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