Remmy in the USA!

Ok, I’m realizing it’s been a couple months since I introduced Remmy and told the story about the little white mouse. (You can read the full story HERE as well as see the pictures of the first country he visited.)

Anyways, it’s a rather overdue post, but here’s another couple of places that Remmy has visited.  Remmy went to the States the first time in 2010. Here are a couple pictures at a historic outpost of the Pony Express.

On the hill to the right is also part of the Oregon Trail.

On a wagon. 🙂

Riding the pony express.

Remmy’s official USA pic!

Remmy returned to the States in 2011, but this time to Portland Oregon. One of the things he enjoyed was the Portland Saturday Market.

I’m catching up blogging on Remmy’s travels because he’s traveling again soon! 😀 Come back next week to see where Remmy traveled next.

Always, Aims

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