Lulu – 10 weeks

Look who’s growing up! Can’t believe little Lulu is 10 weeks already, time flies.

I just snapped these quick the other day while she was visiting me in my room.

The other reason I wanted to take some pictures… the dress she is wearing is kind of significant. My Mom sewed it for my older sister, Jane, around 23 years ago… Most of the sisters have worn it.

She loves her “suckie” too.

And she still does a lot of this:

What else can I say? 😀

Always, Aims

6 thoughts on “Lulu – 10 weeks

  1. Do you have pictures of when each sis wore the dress? That would be cool to see. Tell your mom to make sure she keeps the dress and every little girl born into the extended family ( when you guys start to have your own kids) should wear it. There’s an idea.

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