Upgrade in my Studio!

The cool thing about starting with something as simple as a box…is that it can only get better from there! 😉 Very similar to our box post.. but with a mannequin head. Always fun to make things more interesting in class…we dressed our mannequins up a little. 😉 Mine seems to have somewhat of a French air about him, wouldn’t you agree?

Broad Lighting: Ratio 3:1. Order: B, M, F

Short Lighting: Ratio 2:1. Order:B, M, F

Rembrandt Lighting: Ratio 8:1. Order: B, M, F

Profile Lighting: Ratio 4:1. Order: B, M, F

Butterfly Lighting: Ratio: 8:1. Oder: B, M, F

Well I’ve heard hints our next studio subjects will be people…! So come on back soon!

Always, Aims

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