This weekend, we celebrate thanksgiving here in Canada.  So my mind has been tossing around the words “thanks or thankful”.  I’ve also been recollecting a little over the past year, the 12 months since last thanksgiving (this might have to do with the fact that my current computer screen savor consists of various pictures of people and places from the last year and a half.)

I’m thankful for so many things…and I’m sharing a list today.  These are different things that have come to mind as I’ve contemplated the word “thankful”.  Many of these I have (and still do!) often take for granted.  Some of them I have become more thankful for…because people close to me have lost these during the past year, or don’t have them at all.  This post is a chance for me to step back for a minute…to think…and most of all…to be thankful.  My list of gifts; (not necessarily in order of importance or significance!)

Jesus Christ – because without Him my entire life’s story would be different.

(Close) friends and new friends – even when you have to say good bye. (So many good byes said this year it seems!)  …but look on the bright side, new friends mean new adventures!

My parents –  Words can’t describe…how much I’ve learned from them, how much they mean to me, how thankful I am…

My Siblings – Because I think my life would be boring without them 😛 This time last year I didn’t know I’d be a big sister again 😉

Music – the gift of being able to hear – because there are people who can’t hear…and people who have never heard music…

My Camera – because through it I see things with a different perspective.  And through it I can stop time, capture a moment.

My grandparents – Three of my grandparents are still living – and I’ve become more and more grateful for every day I get to spend with them, every time I get to see them…  because I’ve seen some of my friends go through the loss of a grandparent this past year.

Sight – I can’t imagine not seeing…can’t imagine life without colour.

Health – Seeing people close to me go through various health issues this past year has been hard.  From autoimmune diseases to cancer.  If you’re healthy – be thankful!

Food – because it’s yummy…and life would be flavourless without it. 😛

My country – the freedom we have here!

Coffee – because well…you can’t really compare anything to coffee…

Imagination – also a gift 🙂

Laughter – because laughter is a choice and its good for the soul…especially if you have someone with which you can share it. 🙂

The Present – to be thankful of where I am – right now…because by this time next year…things will have changed…because they always do.

So – BE THANKFUL – right now! For what you have, for where you are, and for the people you’re with… because normal never stays “normal”.

Always, Aims

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