Frosted Maple Leaf

Yesterday morning there was frost…it had all melted by the time I was out snapping a few pictures.  I love love the effect of the melted frost on this maple leaf though…mostly because it was exactly this way when I came outside.  I didn’t touch or move the leaf for the picture… 🙂

Always, Aims

P.s. I’m super glad I took yesterday’s sunny opportunity to get these shots because there’s a steady dismal rain out there today…and last nights wind blew many of the leaves away.  Another reminder of how fast things change, eh?

One thought on “Frosted Maple Leaf

  1. Did you see the pics I took with my blackberry camera last week of frozen raindrops on leaves? I wish I’d grabbed my “real camera” and got a few shots. This reminds me of those pics…I didn’t move any leaves either.

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