The “unperfect” one

I love this picture – this leaf – for a few reasons… What stands out is that this is by no means “a perfect leaf”. You can see where bugs have eaten holes through it and it’s overall shape feels a little lopsided.  However…I can’t stop staring at it because every “leaf-colour” is represented in this one leaf.  The dark red tips giving way to the vibrant oranges…which lead into a perfect yellow.  And if you look close you’ll see that some of summer’s green is still hanging on.

So all in all, today’s leaf reminds us that beauty can be found when you look for it… and that sometimes you just have to change your perspective…because everything is created uniquely and with it’s own purpose.

Take the time to take a second glance…you may find a form of “perfect” where you never thought you could.

Always, Aims

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