Discovered: The L.A. Flower District


Recently, I traveled to Southern California.  While there, I had the opportunity to visit the Los Angeles Flower District.


I believe almost every flower imaginable is shipped there! Just kidding, I know that isn’t true… but it sure felt like it! Fresh flowers from all over the world arrive (almost) freshly picked.




Some were obviously more recognizable than others! 😉



To think… all these were available in November!


After being purchased, flowers are wrapped in newspaper, often from their country of origin.




Well, I hoped you enjoyed a little taste of my journey through the flower market! I found the whole process fascinating and am super glad I took the opportunity to go when it was offered!

Always, Aims

2 thoughts on “Discovered: The L.A. Flower District

  1. Gorgeous! If you ever want to try watercolor, you’ve got plenty of inspiration here. Beautiful photos. These flowers kind of remind me of animals in a zoo–stunningly beautiful, but removed from their natural home.

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