I’m Impressed…

I’m officially impressed with anyone who can keep up with blogging regularly during Christmas…

I, for one, can’t – obviously!

So…next year maybe I’ll pre-blog for Christmas…in August or something! just kidding! 😉 (actually, it sounds like a good idea…if I remember to actually do it then!) OR, how do you blog when you’re SUPER UBER busy? I’m open to ideas! 😉

It’s not for lack of wanting that it’s been quiet around here…my busy life has just been busier than usual!

Always, Aims

No promises…but I’m still hoping to get at least one Christmas related post online before Christmas!

4 thoughts on “I’m Impressed…

  1. I totally feel the same way… that’s one of my new years resolutions: to blog in advanced. but i don’t know if I will be successful lol… but I think that is definitely the easiest way!

    Good luck, let me know if you find something that works!

  2. Blogging in advance has saved my bacon. 🙂 Last week I blogged every week day because I shot a concert with multiple bands… honestly, there were a couple late night writing sessions & a few lattes involved so that it would publish early in the morning before I got out of bed. 😉 I LOVE pre-scheduled blogging!

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