Hat Post: To Match…


My six lovely sisters, my Mother, and I. 🙂 While Jane and I were in California a couple months ago, we brought back matching hats for all of the girls (ok, they didn’t have Lulu’s size so she didn’t get one!)

I thought this was a nice continuation and 2013 start-up for my “hat posts”.

Always, Aims

2 thoughts on “Hat Post: To Match…

  1. I LOVE those hats. I’ve been looking every where for that style. Where did you get them? Any extras you want to send my way? My birthday is coming up 🙂

    1. Well actually, we bought them in a random store in California. I saw them all in a stack and as soon as I saw that all the girl’s favourite colours were there I couldn’t resist.
      But in Canada, check at an accessory store such as Claire’s, Ardene, or Aldo… I’ve seen this style in places like that.
      Post a picture on facebook or something when you find one, eh?!

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