A more “official” Pachos post!

Ever since I posted (wayyy back in April!) a post called What are Pachos Anyways? People have come to my blog weekly (or more!) because they have googled something to do with pachos… Which is all fine and good (I mean, who doesn’t like more blog traffic especially from Google?!)

However… I’ve always ALWAYS felt really bad that the only pachos picture they would see was the horrible dark grainy one taken on my cell phone…


So this post is to rectify that problem… more for my peace of mind than anything else! 🙂 Kelly O’Brians is a local restaurant chain (they’re only here in BC) and they’re rather famous for their Pachos… which are basicially roundish fries…with melted cheese, chives, and BACON! And a super yummy dipping sauce.  Think gourmet nachos but made with potatos (get it?  nachos + potatoes = PACHOS!) but yummier than nachos… Anyways, I’m obviously not very good at describing food…but really melted cheese and bacon and dipping sauce…what could be better?!



So there you have it…not one but TWO somewhat better pictures of pachos. But honestly…you have to eat it to believe it! 😉

Be happy! It’s Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

Always, Aims

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