It’s Spring – it’s green!

I think this happens every year around this time… you know, when spring is finally here to stay, when you can smell it in the air. When everything is fresh and green, these couple of weeks while even the hillsides are green before summer heat turns them brown.  It’s right about now…that I miss England, and wish I could visit again. Wish I could be sitting on that bench right now, with a book in hand.

See why I miss it? 😉  Just this morning I was paging through last’s year’s 30 days in England feature when I blogged about England every day…ah all those lovely memories came rushing back. So I decided to share a couple more England pictures today.

Wherever you are today… I hope the sun is shining! 😀

Always, Aims

15 thoughts on “It’s Spring – it’s green!

      1. Yes I had an amazing time there!! Last June I blogged and posted pictures of England every day, it was so much fun! There’s a link in my menus above called 30 Days in England.

      2. I just had a quick look and You had some images from the Austin House with writing Feathers .In one of my last post I have those Feathers as well.

      3. You just have missed a very beautiful place Oxford. Next time you visit England Visit Oxford you will be delighted Regs. Hanno

      4. Haha it’s probably further back in my England posts, you might have to click ‘older posts’ when you hit the bottom to see them. Oxford was one of my favourite cities to visit!!

      5. Mine as well .I visited Oxford the first time in the mid 80s after I have watched the TV Series Brideshead Revisited. I was gobsmacked by the Architecture and everything else.

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