Of a little girl and sunshine



My trip to Colorado in April inspired me in many ways. One of those was in using my flash more in my photography.  So earlier this week, I decided to just get out there and play with it.  Thankfully Boo was willing to be my model. 😉



I enjoyed it 😉 Purposely, I chose to do it in the bright afternoon sun. Why? Because the conditions were NOT exactly ideal…and because they never are when we want them too.  I wanted to play with them in a less-than-ideal-situation partly because if  we always sit around waiting for the perfect picture taking situation to happen… we’d wouldn’t get many pictures taken!

(the book and pen were her choice – not mine! 😉 I was just glad she was letting me snap her picture 😉 ) Good chance to play with rim lighting.




I think this is my favourite picture of the afternoon. It’s something about her expression, I can’t explain it. Almost as if there’s a hint of the woman she’s going to grow up into.  One of those “catching a moment” pictures



Always, Aims

P.s. Note to self: If you’re planning to play with your flashes…it might not be the best idea to a get a five year old who doesn’t usually sit still anyways…to be your model. 😉

8 thoughts on “Of a little girl and sunshine

      1. Flash is definitely a powerful tool. I love how it can change the mood and feel of a photo. I’ll be posting on FB some senior photos I did with flash. 🙂

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