Hat Post: Light Green and Aviators

Another “poor-boy” hat.  It’s also another gift hat.  Hat’s that are gifts are always awesome because… well, chances are I probably wouldn’t have it otherwise… 🙂 Yup. I love the textured look of this hat… and it’s green 😉

The ‘aviators’ are vintage…1970s maybe? hehe.

Happy Monday!

Always, Aims

Closet Shopping: Cream, Turquoise, Denim, and Black Lace

Yay! It’s closet shopping week! 😀

So I went for a casual feel for this week’s outfit. It’s been slightly chilly as well so It was the perfect day to add a light sweater.  The turquoise tee is a great way to add some colour!  The black lace scarf was the perfect accessory to slightly dress up the outfit.

I haven’t been in the habit of wearing scarves in my hair…but I really like the effect and it’s an easy way to “add” to an otherwise boring bun.  I think I’m going to use scarves this way more in the future! 😉

Hope you have a fantabulous Friday…and a great weekend!

Always, Aims

See last week’s “closet shopping” post here: Red, Stripes, and Denim

Closet Shopping: Red, Denim, and Stripes

As I mentioned yesterday, this idea has been in the back of my mind for a while.  I just wasn’t sure when and how to introduce it. Actually, I’m still not sure haha… but the longer I wait “hoping to perfect it” the longer it simply stays an idea.

So I’m jumping right in…right now! 😀

Wednesday’s post reminded me (again!) that…I have a really full closet of clothing… and I’m sure many other women out there do too! It’s not that I shop a lot, I really don’t.  But my size hasn’t dramatically changed in the last few years… so my wardrobe has kind of “accumulated” over time. And the thing is… even with so much, I still shop, I still buy (even if it’s “on sale” or from the thrift store…I’ve still added to my closet!) And somehow…I don’t think I’m the only woman with this problem. 😉

Which brings me to why I’m posting today. I’m calling it “Closet Shopping” and it goes as follows:

The idea is to put together a “new” outfit of what I already own.

This means it must be a combination of clothing I’ve never combined before.

Take a picture and post my “new outfit”.

This will test my fashion sense as well as my creativity (and my memory haha.) I’m the kind of person, that when I put together an outfit, and like it…I keep wearing the same combination and (soon) get bored of it.  It’ll be fun to make myself change things up a little. Half the time when I say “I have nothing to wear” it’s just because I have nothing new to wear.  By doing this, I will have a “new” outfit in a sense… and we all know how nice we feel when we’re wearing a new outfit. I believe this will cut down on my shopping “need” as well. 😉

Today’s outfit: A combination of denim, red, and stripes. (I’ve lately been incorporating stripes into my wardrobe.)

I chose to add some red to this because there wasn’t really an other colour.  Kind of has a sailor feel to it.  The white flats and watch complete the outfit nicely I think.


I’m excited to go shopping in my own closet and to start sharing other “new” outfits with you! This is going to be an ongoing feature here on the blog so be sure and check back soon.

And…yes! It’s Friday! I always like Fridays… enjoy your weekend…maybe try some closet shopping of your own! 😉

Always, Aims