Lulu in Lovely Light

When writing my last blog post, this picture came to mind.  It represents some of the thoughts and feelings I was trying to convey.  It’s a picture that’s a little different from my same old “usual”.  But I love that it’s different.  The light and the colours.

Besides…she’s just super duper adorable so I’d probably love almost any picture of her!

There’s more from that evening…this is just a tease! Come back soon to see more.

Always, Aims

This Moment


This story behind the photograph…

Last night we were all sitting down to dinner and I looked over and saw Lulu crawling towards the door – immediately, I saw the above picture in my mind – exactly as you see it.  So I pulled my iPod out of my pocket and snapped it.

Sometimes our favourite pictures aren’t taken on an amazing camera. I love this picture because of the story it tells.  It’s the story of my baby sis – Lulu, barely a year old…discovering and exploring the world around her. It’s precious because in a few weeks she’ll be walking – she’s still in that crawl everywhere stage. Her whole life – the whole world out there – is ahead of her – waiting to be discovered.

And I captured one tiny moment of it.

Time is flying by – and the only time that “belongs” to us is this very moment – right now.  Everything else is either already past or in the future. (Think about that, eh!)

So be thankful for right now; use right now to its full potential.

Always, Aims

Lulu (Look who is growing up!)



Yeah, I know it’s been awhile since you’ve seen a picture of Lulu, it’s hard to believe she’s already over 7 months old! 🙂 Guess it’s time I did a more “official” session of her again… but I haven’t, so this will have to do for today 😀

I could go on and on about how much she’s grown up, how she’s just learned to wave good bye, how I love the sound of her giggle… but maybe this is enough for today. 😉

Always, Aims


Hat Post: To Match…


My six lovely sisters, my Mother, and I. 🙂 While Jane and I were in California a couple months ago, we brought back matching hats for all of the girls (ok, they didn’t have Lulu’s size so she didn’t get one!)

I thought this was a nice continuation and 2013 start-up for my “hat posts”.

Always, Aims

Lulu – 10 weeks

Look who’s growing up! Can’t believe little Lulu is 10 weeks already, time flies.

I just snapped these quick the other day while she was visiting me in my room.

The other reason I wanted to take some pictures… the dress she is wearing is kind of significant. My Mom sewed it for my older sister, Jane, around 23 years ago… Most of the sisters have worn it.

She loves her “suckie” too.

And she still does a lot of this:

What else can I say? 😀

Always, Aims

Feature: Baby Lulu

It’s an official post of Lulu’s baby pictures…finally! 😀  I won’t say too much today, (there’s isn’t much to say about a little person that isn’t quite 3 weeks old!)

She has a dimple in her chin, just like her Daddy… None of the rest of her siblings have this!


She sleeps… alot. But, you know? That’s a really good thing at this age 😉 The pink gerbera daisy was part of the bouquet of flowers from our church family. 🙂

Lulu was amazing during our photo session. Special thanks to my sister for holding blankets smoothing out wrinkles…and giggling along with me. 🙂 I couldn’t have done it without you, Berly. 😉

She’s just as adorable when she’s awake as when she’s asleep! 🙂

The rainbow blanket she’s laying on is very special, lovingly hand-made by a friend of ours. I knew months ago, that I would use it when I took pictures of (at that time) “the baby”.  A rainbow, reminding us of promise, of God’s grace.

Now you’ve officially met Lulu… 🙂

Always, Aims

Sister Love

People keep asking what Boo thinks of Lulu… I think this sums it up quite well.

Boo adores Lulu, loves to give her kisses…always asks if she can hold her. They’re going to have piles of fun when they’re older! 😀

Always, Aims