Mountain Expanse


Rolling mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

This is one of the aerial photos I took during a flight I was able to go on last week.  I’ll feature that whole experience in another post (hopefully soonish!) but I couldn’t wait to share at least one already! 🙂

I can’t describe how amazing it was to see the Okanagan Valley from the sky! It really gave a whole new perspective on how beautiful this place is! …and I get to call it home!

Always, Aims

The Big Dipper

I’m not usually a night photographer – in fact, I’d never even tried to take a picture of stars.  So, for my first try – I’m pretty happy! Actually – when I uploaded this picture to my computer – I was amazed – beyond amazed to see the night sky on my computer screen… amazed that I was able to (somewhat) capture a few seconds of the majesty of the night sky. It’s an emotion I wasn’t expecting…wow!

“You have set Your glory above the heavens. When I look at the heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have set in place.” Ps. 8: 1, 3

Always, Aims

Northern Lights

Blog title and picture are pretty self explanatory.  When my sister noticed the Northern Lights were out last night, I immediately went and grabbed my camera. I’ve only tried photographing them once before…so quite enjoyed doing it again!

Have you done night photography before? What have you learned?

Enjoy! Come back Monday for a picture of the Big Dipper!

Always, Aims

It’s Spring – it’s green!

I think this happens every year around this time… you know, when spring is finally here to stay, when you can smell it in the air. When everything is fresh and green, these couple of weeks while even the hillsides are green before summer heat turns them brown.  It’s right about now…that I miss England, and wish I could visit again. Wish I could be sitting on that bench right now, with a book in hand.

See why I miss it? 😉  Just this morning I was paging through last’s year’s 30 days in England feature when I blogged about England every day…ah all those lovely memories came rushing back. So I decided to share a couple more England pictures today.

Wherever you are today… I hope the sun is shining! 😀

Always, Aims

Come fly away!



Just in case it’s yucky and grey this winter day where ever you may be… hope this picture makes you smile! 🙂

It makes me wish Peter Pan would come to my window and invite me to fly away to Neverland…

Always, Aims


Discovered: The L.A. Flower District


Recently, I traveled to Southern California.  While there, I had the opportunity to visit the Los Angeles Flower District.


I believe almost every flower imaginable is shipped there! Just kidding, I know that isn’t true… but it sure felt like it! Fresh flowers from all over the world arrive (almost) freshly picked.




Some were obviously more recognizable than others! 😉



To think… all these were available in November!


After being purchased, flowers are wrapped in newspaper, often from their country of origin.




Well, I hoped you enjoyed a little taste of my journey through the flower market! I found the whole process fascinating and am super glad I took the opportunity to go when it was offered!

Always, Aims