The Purpose of my Blog


Last week, in my Returned, Refreshed post, I wrote that I’ve been thinking lately…especially on social media in general.  I decided to share a little piece of that with you today.  After six-ish months of blogging, what I’ve noticed and learned during that time…I’m posting a few points on what the purpose of my blog has become. I’m kind of “reinstating” it for you, my readers, and also for myself.

The Purpose of my Blog:

-To share the wonderful moments and special milestones of people’s lives through photography

-To share the beauty in the world around me…also through photographs…which means sometimes I have to choose to see that beauty.

-To chronicle the ordinary and extraordinary

-In part, to chronicle pieces of my own life. My travels. My family. My friends.  In some ways, this has become an online scrapbook of my life…from small occasions to incredible journeys (England anyone?!)

-To remind others – and myself – that life is beautiful. That optimism is a choice. 

-Sometimes, to see thing differently, you just have to change your perspective. 

-To remind myself to stop – and enjoy the little things, the little moments, and to not get so caught up in my life that I miss it!

-This blog is meant to – hopefully- be a breath of fresh air…a little taste of happiness outside of the real lives we all live.

Which brings me to my next point.  Real Life.  Yes, I have a real life. Yes, I live in the real world. There’s so much hurt and sadness and drama everywhere else…my blog was created to be different.  I did NOT create my blog to have an opportunity to rant.  I DIDN’T create it so I would have a place to complain. I didn’t create it to be my personal pulpit. There are enough of those types of blogs out there.

BUT, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a serious side.  It doesn’t mean I don’t care about those things… it’s just not vocalized on my blog.  Basically, what I’ve been trying to say from the very beginning of my post is that a blog is only one (or two) layers of the person who writes it.  Don’t judge a person only by what they write/post.  Believe it or not, I keep a lot of my personal life private, because I personally don’t believe in over-sharing on social media networks…

A quote that really helped me get a lot of these thoughts together is one that was shared in my youth group recently:

       “Where knowledge of the truth is absent, imagination takes over.”

Read this quote with social media in mind, it’s so true! We see pieces of a conversation or someone tagged in a picture and make up the rest of the story in our minds.  We see too little information perhaps not even meant specifically for us and we add our own assumptions to it… filling in the blanks with what we believe could be true. SUCH a bad idea…! But we all know we’ve done it…

If I’ve learned anything these past six months of “being (more) online” it’s that the real life relationships have become more important to me. And if you really want to get to know a person for who they are…get to know them in real life as well as online.  Balance is the key. 🙂

Well, hopefully some of this was helpful and perhaps made you think a little bit too. 🙂 Thinking is good for us all once in a while! 😉 Sorry this post is a little more wordy than usual…however it is a shortened version of my rant.  The original was over 1500 words long… this is under half that 😛

Thanks for reading! Always, Aims

P.s. Yes, I know I write run-on sentences. 😛

Trickling Water

Ah the calming beauty of trickling water…. you can almost hear it, eh? It’s a timeless moment captured…A second of time that will never come again – exactly as it was then! Creation never ceases to amaze me!

So take a moment…and enjoy its beauty!

It’s pictures like this that remind me that spring will come again and of beautiful summer’s past…and England…(and make me wish I could walk through Rivendell.)

Always, Aims

The “unperfect” one

I love this picture – this leaf – for a few reasons… What stands out is that this is by no means “a perfect leaf”. You can see where bugs have eaten holes through it and it’s overall shape feels a little lopsided.  However…I can’t stop staring at it because every “leaf-colour” is represented in this one leaf.  The dark red tips giving way to the vibrant oranges…which lead into a perfect yellow.  And if you look close you’ll see that some of summer’s green is still hanging on.

So all in all, today’s leaf reminds us that beauty can be found when you look for it… and that sometimes you just have to change your perspective…because everything is created uniquely and with it’s own purpose.

Take the time to take a second glance…you may find a form of “perfect” where you never thought you could.

Always, Aims

Frosted Maple Leaf

Yesterday morning there was frost…it had all melted by the time I was out snapping a few pictures.  I love love the effect of the melted frost on this maple leaf though…mostly because it was exactly this way when I came outside.  I didn’t touch or move the leaf for the picture… 🙂

Always, Aims

P.s. I’m super glad I took yesterday’s sunny opportunity to get these shots because there’s a steady dismal rain out there today…and last nights wind blew many of the leaves away.  Another reminder of how fast things change, eh?