Feature: The S Family



Kelowna_Photographer_Family_Baby_AimsPhotography.photos-11I had the honour of doing a photo session with this lovely little family a few weeks ago. I’ve wanted to blog a few of my favourites but haven’t had time until now.

Kelowna_Photographer_Family_Baby_AimsPhotography.photos-10We met for a morning session because it fit best with baby Ireland’s nap times and it wasn’t as hot outside yet… of course I was thrilled because morning light is always gorgeous.


And the beyond adorable baby, Ireland.Kelowna_Photographer_Family_Baby_AimsPhotography.photos-2-2



Kelowna_Photographer_Family_Baby_AimsPhotography.photos-14I was really excited when Melissa asked for a few “couple” pictures. It was fun, Tobias and Melissa were so chill and relaxed… and in so many ways still acting like newly weds… they kind of made my job super easy.




Kelowna_Photographer_Family_Baby_AimsPhotography.photos-9I seriously had the hardest time trying to choose which pictures to blog, I came out of that session with so many great pictures! (So maybe I’ll just have to do a part 2 😉 )

At the very end it was getting to be Ireland’s nap time and she fell asleep on her Mom’s shoulder…


…and continued to sleep when she was passed over to her Dad.Kelowna_Photographer_Family_Baby_AimsPhotography.photos-13

Thank you, Melissa, Tobias, and Ireland for a wonderful morning and for a special glimpse of the love you three share!

Always, Aims

July 15-21




Last week through pictures.

July 15, glanced down at my gas gage to see that someone (thanks Dad! ❤ ) had filled my tank – kind of a fantastic way to start the week! 🙂IMG_0667


July 16



July 17 – Boo paid me with hugs and kisses to share the last piece of mom’s homemade banana bread at supper.



Also one of those “liquid sunshine” evenings when its sunny and rainy at the same time. (Can you see the rain drops? 😉 )



July 18 – fresh Okanagan apricots



July 19 – another view of Okanagan Lake



July 20 – I was a second photographer at a wedding up on Silver Star, a local ski hill. (There are mountain bike trails in the summer) Part of the day included riding the chair lift – which was kind of epic.




July 21 – Our “traditional” Sunday morning breakfast – biscuits.




Well, there you have it!

Hope you’re enjoying your summer too!

Always, Aims




July 8-14


Here’s the second week of July as seen through my various electronics.

July 8

IMG_0572I took Rasco to assist me in a family photo session (look for that feature post on my blog soon!) and we celebrated with starbucks afterwards.

July 9

The busy day I took a moment to look up and saw the sun rays flowing off of the clouds.


July 10

A honey bee enjoying some of my favourite blossoms – lavender.


What I like to call a “drive by shooting”. Snapped this from the car on the way home. A lovely sunset over Kal lake.


July 11

We had VBS all last week at our church, made for a busy week – but it’s a fun kind of busy. With some of the kids who came.


July 12.

The first day I didn’t take a picture.  A hard day, attended the funeral of a family friend.

July 13

A piece of my Grandma’s legendary pumpkin dessert.  If you’ve ever had the honour of eating a piece, you’ll know why it’s worth of a picture. If you haven’t had the honour – know you’re missing out – big time!


Beach. Water. Sunset. I love that I’m blessed live here.



July 14

We celebrated Lulu’s first birthday at at park.


It was also the afternoon I “officially” tried an energy drink. It’s worth a picture – yes. (I shared it with my best friend. It was fun.)


And there we go. 🙂 Excited to see what this week will bring. I’m enjoying the challenge – because it’s teaching me to stop and enjoy a moment.  To stop and see a moment.


Always, Aims

Daily Pics July 1-7

Here’s the first week of July via pictures.


July 1, which also happens to be Canada Day. My older sister and I enjoy frozen yogurt from Peachwave…Yummm! That stuff is amazing!


July 2, the eyelashes of my baby sister.


July 3, I picked some sour cherries (can’t wait to eat those in pie!)


July 4, the hands of one of the kids that I nanny as he practices piano.


July 5, enjoyed an epic breakfast…mornings like that don’t happen often enough!


Another one from this day; I was second photographer for a wedding and snapped this from the window of the cute little church waiting for the rehearsal to start.


July 6, since I was helping a photographer with a wedding…I took lots of pictures that day! BUT, won’t be posting any of the wedding ones quite yet 😉 However, here’s one of the little church where the ceremony happened…isn’t it adorable?!


July 7, Sunday, a day of rest. Had a little bit of rest out on the swing. A few quiet moments before a crazy week of work and VBS ahead.


Always, Aims

Summer Days



Summer is upon us – wow! Where has the time gone?!  To me, summer never feels “official” till July 1.  I was skimming through pictures on my iPod earlier today and had an idea.  I want to enjoy this summer – busy as it will be – and I want to remember it.  So for (at least!) July and August I want to take (at least!) one picture every day (be it on my phone, my iPod, or my DSLR.)  Yes, I know this idea isn’t new – people do the “picture a day” thing often.  But, I’ve never done it – and I just feel like this summer is going to slip by before I know it!  I’ll be uploading pictures to instagram and will do a weekly blog post of my daily pictures from the past week.

You see, I’ve come to realize that…I never regret taking pictures…capturing moments.  If I regret anything – it’s that I DIDN’T take more! So to start off here are a few random snap shots from the past couple of months – mostly taken on my ipod. Some made it onto instagram already – some didn’t 😉

First off, I’m kind of SUPER excited this guy is back! My brother, Mitch, was in the Philippines for almost 3 months.  He came home last weekend. 🙂



IMG_0486By the way…I LOVE the panorama feature on my iPod!!! Here’s a “perfect”rainbow I captured a few weeks ago (no filter) 😉IMG_0201My Oma (Grandma) baked my Dad her iconic Kaffee Torte for Father’s Day.  This is something very special and I wanted to remember it. IMG_0364My bro got his Barracuda on the road for the summer… Looking forward to some summer crusin’. IMG_0283Not to long ago I gave Lulu her first ride on a swing. IMG_0359


IMG_0362Speaking of Lulu, she just turned 1 year old! I can’t believe how fast time has gone!  Here’s a picture I took of her and I on her birthday last week.

A friend of ours was married last weekend here are a couple pictures from that day.  Another reason I love the panorama feature…I figured out how to get the same person into a panorama 3 times. See him?IMG_0432


IMG_0485And when there’s a gigantic arm chair…? You take a picture.IMG_0458


IMG_0392This was the sunset on Canada Day, July 1st, as we waited for the firework show.IMG_0472


And sometimes life is about seeing how many people you can squish into one picture!



Moments go by quickly… we really only have right now! 🙂 So here’s to having an amazing summer!

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Always, Aims

Northern Lights


Blog title and picture are pretty self explanatory.  When my sister noticed the Northern Lights were out last night, I immediately went and grabbed my camera. I’ve only tried photographing them once before…so quite enjoyed doing it again!

Have you done night photography before? What have you learned?

Enjoy! Come back Monday for a picture of the Big Dipper!

Always, Aims

Feature: Photo Booth pt 1


Our annual youth banquet was held between Christmas and New Year’s so there’s a little bit of a Christmas feel in some of these! I was super excited to set up a photo booth for the event!
















Well, I hope they had as much fun as I did! Because I for one had a fantastic time!

Special thanks to the Vocht Sisters for donating many of the props! 🙂

Always, Aims

Coming Tomorrow…!

Just a quick little note…well, an announcement actually! 😀 It’s coming tomorrow but I’m so excited I wanted to at least give a little hint today! I’m starting a new feature on my blog! It’s starting tomorrow (so be sure and come back then!) 🙂

Some hints to get your imagination going…

fashion related

doesn’t cost $ 

 you can do it too!

This idea has been in the back of my mind for awhile…and I’m really looking forward to sharing what will become an ongoing feature here. 🙂

See you tomorrow!

Always, Aims

Missed yesterday’s post? See some organization tips for your wardrobe: HERE

7 Logical Tips to Keep Your Wardrobe Organized

So…what girl doesn’t have a closet overflowing with cloths and accessories? Yeah, me too. :-S Sometimes it’s hard to find space for everything (especially when you have a hat collection as I do!) 😛 Well, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned recently and not so recently about staying on top of the organization issue.

1. Stacking

As you know by now, I have a hat collection. Well, when you don’t have a whole bunch of extra space, you have to get creative. I figured out that hats with similar styles and sizes fit together very nicely.

Now my entire hat collection fits on one shelf. 😉 This also leaves me enough room to store my winter mitts etc. on the same shelf…!

2. Think About Wrinkles

I’ve found that if I can mentally sort out things that wrinkle easily versus things that don’t wrinkle easily…it helps when putting them away.  If it doesn’t wrinkle much, fold it and put it on a shelf or in a drawer. If it does wrinkle a lot, hang it up.  Some of my skirts (that I’d usually automatically hang up) don’t wrinkle…so I’ve realized by folding them it leaves room to hang up other “less practical” articles of clothing.

3. Scarves

I saw this idea on Pinterest the other day (why didn’t I see this sooner?!) I really love scarves…a lot, it’s just hard to keep track of them. This is a fantastic way to keep track of them…and it’s SO simple! All you need is a hanger! How awesome is that?! Plus, they’re separated so you can see them all…rather than rummaging through a tangled pile (been there, done that!)

4. Hang it up!

You save a lot of drawer space by hanging up your clothes. (I only have 4 drawers so I need to be creative.)  I have these three “pegs” (pictured below).  I keep my cardigan type sweaters and other flowingish sweaters on them (this is so awesome because they don’t wrinkle when they hang!) I also have hooks hanging off the back of my door (SO handy!)

5. Thick Stuff

love big cozy sweaters…! When I wear one it’s almost like being hugged 24/7. Unfortunately, they take up a lot of space…they’re thick and don’t fold very well. 😦 Similar to the “peg” idea, I use the hooks on the back of my door for those… it saves SO much room…and besides, what else would you do with the back of your door?

If you’re tight for space somewhere… reorganize or move thick stuff first! You make more room for yourself that way as well! 😉

6. Make Accessories Accessible!

If it isn’t within easy reach or sight… you probably won’t use it (especially when you’re in a hurry!) Who likes digging through a pile of random accessories trying to find “that one”? I like wearing headbands etc.  I hang them on the towel rack on my vanity.  They’re always within plain sight and I don’t have to detangle anything! It’s something simple but saves time.

7.Double up!

Running out of space? One of the simplest ways to make more room is to double up when you’re hanging or stacking. Most skirt hangers are strong enough to hold two (or three!) skirts.  Hang blazers over blouses (just be careful to fold the blouse collar over the blazer so it doesn’t get wrinkled.) Small purses fit into bigger ones. The possibilities are (almost) endless when you put your mind to it!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into organizing your wardrobe. Have you learned any “tricks of the trade”? I’m always open to new ideas when it comes to organizing, I’d love to hear what you do or have done in the past!

Happy organizing!

I’ve made a specific board on Pinterest for organizing by hanging… check it out HERE for more ideas!

Always, Aims

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