Portrait: The S Family


Kelowna_Photographer_Family_Baby_AimsPhotography.photos-11I had the honour of doing a photo session with this lovely little family a few weeks ago. I’ve wanted to blog a few of my favourites but haven’t had time until now.

Kelowna_Photographer_Family_Baby_AimsPhotography.photos-10We met for a morning session because it fit best with baby Ireland’s nap times and it wasn’t as hot outside yet… of course I was thrilled because morning light is always gorgeous.


And the beyond adorable baby, Ireland.Kelowna_Photographer_Family_Baby_AimsPhotography.photos-2-2



Kelowna_Photographer_Family_Baby_AimsPhotography.photos-14I was really excited when Melissa asked for a few “couple” pictures. It was fun, Tobias and Melissa were so chill and relaxed… and in so many ways still acting like newly weds… they kind of made my job super easy.




Kelowna_Photographer_Family_Baby_AimsPhotography.photos-9I seriously had the hardest time trying to choose which pictures to blog, I came out of that session with so many great pictures! (So maybe I’ll just have to do a part 2 😉 )

At the very end it was getting to be Ireland’s nap time and she fell asleep on her Mom’s shoulder…


…and continued to sleep when she was passed over to her Dad.Kelowna_Photographer_Family_Baby_AimsPhotography.photos-13

Thank you, Melissa, Tobias, and Ireland for a wonderful morning and for a special glimpse of the love you three share!

Always, Aims

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