It “happened”: Orange

Sometimes…pictures just work, just happen.

Yesterday…I “happened” to have my camera, Boo “happened” to be wearing orange, she “happened” to be holding an orange kitten, there “happened” to be awesome lighting. 😀

The result? My new favourite picture of Boo.

Yes, I still love orange kittens 🙂

Always, Aims

30 Days in England: Day 26 (Tower of London)

View of the Tower of London from Tower Bridge.

Today begins (perhaps a few 😉 ) posts of the city of London.  I spent two days in London during my “England trip”. (I’m convinced you could spend years there without discovering it’s entirety.)

So today’s post touches (very slightly) on the Tower of London. This is the very first castle I was able to see and touch for myself in real life…definitely a day to remember!

So, why are there ravens there? Legend says that the presence of ravens at the Tower of London will guarantee the continuation of the monarchy…

I loved seeing “arrow slits” with my own eyes….it’s one of those things you read about in books and finally understand the concept when you see it for yourself.

Traitor’s Gate… (kind of self explanatory. They did bring traitors through here…later to be imprisoned or beheaded.)

Once again… pictures can’t begin to capture everything!

Some of the famous people who have been held (even briefly) in the Tower of London include William Wallace, Sir Thomas More, Anne Bolelyn and Catherine Howard (both were wives of King Henry the Vlll. They are both buried in the chapel at the Tower of London, as well as Sir Thomas More.) Thomas Cromwell. Lady Jane Grey (also her husband) they are also buried in the Tower chapel. Princess Elizabeth (future Queen Elizabeth the l.) William Penn, a Quaker and the man who founded Pennsylvania… and of course many more.

Again, it was that amazing feeling of walking streets, seeing views, that countless people have seen before myself… Walking streets Kings and Queens (from various countries) walked.  Nothing compares with “reliving” history in this way!

Always, Aims

Kitten <3

Daily posts about England are more work than I first thought! (But SOOO fun! 🙂 ) Just means that “other” types of posts aren’t happening as often.  But that’s okay…I’m having so SO much fun reliving and sharing England! Anyways, here are a couple more pictures of our uber cute kittens.

They’re changing so fast, I knew I needed to post before they change too much more! At the time I took these pictures, the kittens were 10 days old.

Yes, this is the kitten that smiled last week….!

Baby animals are just so cute… they’re so tiny and fuzzy and pitiful….!

I’ll definitely be posting more of the cuddly things in the next few weeks, especially as they get bigger and start to explore etc.!

Till tomorrow!

Always, Aims

Smiling Kitten: 10 Days

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this picture: “This could be a Dr. Seuss character!” (I think it’s the smile! 😉 )

I was planning to do a whole featured post on our little kittens (two of them anyways) but after editing this picture… it just seemed to need its own post. For some (perhaps odd?) reason this picture just struck me as absolutely hilarious. 😀 Maybe because…it’s Wednesday, the middle of the week? (or because I’ve never seen a kitten smile in its sleep?)

So, I just hope this brought at least a smile to your face today…it’s rainy outside here so it’s always nice to have an extra reason to smile! 😀

More kitty pictures coming soon! 😉

Always, Aims

Street Photography: Portland, OR

Street photography intrigues me.  I mean, we’ve all seen those awesome moments that (often photo journalists) have caught. I think of that famous one, from the victory celebrations after WW2, of the sailor kissing the nurse.

Well, I’m not a photo journalist, and I’m a little shy when it comes to taking pictures of random strangers.  However, when I was in Portland last summer, I challenged myself a little, and got out of my comfort zone…and tried a little “street photography”.

I found myself wondering who these people were, what were (are) their stories? Why were they there? I didn’t have opportunity to talk with them but here are some of the “interesting” people from Portland, OR. (haha, keep Portland weird, right?)

The clash of the tattoo and the words on his t-shirt drew my attention to this man. I asked myself…does he know what his t-shirt asks those around him?

Maybe he told his wife I was going to exercise the dog.  Or maybe this is their daily routine.

I still wonder if there was actually coffee mate in the container. This was in the middle of a busy park…hence, the earphones?

Maybe I should have a caption contest for this picture. I really wonder how much he likes his job… or maybe it’s the “uniform”?


Lunch is always better in the park…out of a pot!

I find this guy a lot less creepy than those clowns who paint their faces and try get kids to like them. Clowns are kinda creepy…just sayin’. Balloon people are talented, eh!


When I saw this guy I stopped for a few minutes…various things came to mind.  Afterwards, I couldn’t get this scene out of my head.  He did this thing with these glass balls, allowing them to almost seamlessly slide around his hands and arms.  At the time my friends told me the name of this art form, but now for the life of me I can’t remember what it’s called (never fails, eh!)

What struck me first was the fact that he showed no emotion.  The entire time we stood there his facial expression never changed. Because of his sunglasses you never knew in which direction his eyes were focused. He had also painted his entire body silver, giving off the sense of coldness.  I thought of the Tin Man, from The Wizard of Oz, who has no heart and cannot feel. Why was this guy here? For the money? How does it feel to have people gawking at you for hours at a time? Or, did he simply view himself as a performer, an artist?

For a dollar, he would stoop and shake your hand. I couldn’t resist… I had to know he was still human. He was…his hand was warm…and so lifelike.

One more… literal street picture. 😉 I couldn’t resist… I laughed when I saw this etched in the pavement. (only in Portland, right?)

Yeah, I do wonder who these people were…who they are now, and where they might be.  But maybe that’s just another piece of street photography: knowing I’ll never know.

I had fun sharing a little piece of Portland with you all today 🙂

Always, Aims

Blossomy Kitty

Well, I’m thoroughly enjoying the sunshine today (even if it is from indoors at the moment!) Maybe I can walk to my little coffee shop later on. 🙂

No epic blog post today, just writing a little note to say I’m updating and working on my facebook page today instead.  Posting and adding albums of some of my recent shoots that have been on here.  If you liked what you saw here be sure and check out my facebook page, I’m adding pictures that weren’t posted here. 🙂

Enough of my facebook rant, that’s not what today’s post is about. 🙂

Today I’m also editing this week’s shoots and starting to prepare some of next weeks blog posts. I’m already excited about what’s coming so be sure and check back in here. (hint: little boys with trains. I’m also really looking forward to introducing a very special person in my life 😉 ) That’s some of what’s coming!

For today… a picture of our cat, Night-Fury climbing in some blossomy bush (have no idea what’s it’s called; sorry!) Anyways, I thought it was cute…hope it makes you smile too! 😀


Hope you were able to take a minute and relax and enjoy your Saturday. 🙂

See you Monday!

Always, Aims

Of spring and…snow?!

Happy Spring everyone! 😀

However…up here in what’s usually known as “the sunny Okanagan” it’s snowing today! Talk about a weird winter! I hoped for more snow all winter…and now that it’s finally spring… it’s snowing outside?!

But that’s okay… it just means I get to cuddle up in warm fuzzy blankets and (the perfect excuse to) have an extra cup of coffee. 😀

I decided to embrace the “snow theme” today… here are a few pictures from a recentish portrait shoot I did.

Meet Arienne….And her lovely horses; Mercury and Nevada.

There’s just something about that relationship between a woman and her horse(s)… that’s can’t really be put into words.

Hum, I’m not sure what exactly, it is… but I just liked the next picture 🙂 It makes me think of an aged postcard or something.

And one more before I go…

 Hopefully, my next post will be a little more springish, haha! But with this weather, who knows!  If you’re basking in the spring sunshine somewhere…enjoy some for me too! 🙂

Always, Aims

Today I miss…

Today I’m missing my kitty, Tango.  She was my first “very own” pet and got her as a birthday gift one year.  But…I live on a farm… and along with farm life comes the fact that sometimes pets “disappear”. (Yes, she was an outdoor cat because my Dad is allergic.)  Last fall… she didn’t come home one night, and hasn’t come home since. This just makes me more thankful for the few pictures I do have! 🙂  The picture below is the one that inspired today’s post… I randomly came across it while looking for another picture.


This is me and some of my little sibs. I’m holding Tango and the kids each have one of her kittens.  Their names are Mango (the orange one), Night-Fury (the multi-coloured one my brother is holding), Hiccup is the long haired one (can you tell we’ve seen How to Train Your Dragon?!) The other one ended up with the name, Salsa.

It’s hard to get five people and five cat/kittens to look at the camera at the same time…!!!

And…I couldn’t resist adding this one of Boo with the kittens…


🙂 Till next time,

Always, Aims