I’m a big sister…For the 10th time!

It’s been officially announced everywhere…except my blog! On June 29, 2012…I became a big sister for the 10th time (seriously! How cool is that?!) 😀 I’m the third oldest of 12 “children”.

How many other people do you know who can say that, eh?

I feel so blessed, so privileged. Holding little Lulu for the first time…I was overwhelmed – again – at the precious gift of life, of health. Sitting in awe of the intricate miracle of a baby, seeing her perfect fingers and toes…Have you ever had the chance to see a newborn baby’s hands? That tiny “pinky finger” with it’s finger nail? The wonder…of life. The innocence. The unknown. A life just begun.

And I have the honour of being part of her life. The honour of being her ‘big sis’. The honour of pouring part of myself into her life…knowing that who she will eventually grow up to be…is (just slightly!) part of what I (and the rest of my family) pour into her life now (and in the coming years).

Indeed, a gift has been given to us.

I hope these words have shed a little pin prick of light into what it is to “be a big family”. I’ve hard all the comments, the snickers and jokes, when people hear we’re a (compared to most) large family. But what people don’t see is the gift. The relationships (imagine growing up with a “live-in” best friend! I don’t have to imagine…I have it!!) The honour. The blessing.  The privilege.

We’re a normal real family, far from perfect. (No, we’re not the Canadian version of the Duggar Family…nor are we trying to be!) There’s miscommunication at times.  Sibling squabbles. Disagreements. Arguments debates. I hope I haven’t painted a “picture perfect” family. We deal with the same problems other families deal with (however, probably on a bigger scale! 😛 ) Every family has problems and issues, when there are 1 or 2 children…or 12 or 19! 😉 By the way, the film, Cheaper by the Dozen (the Steve Martin version) is so exaggerated and unrealistic…I was almost embarrassed. Meal time is never that crazy! I just had to put that in here…I only saw the film once (years ago!) but I always wonder if that’s how people imagine us when I say I’m from a big family! Really, we’re pretty normal…there are just more of us! 

Now that I’ve had my rant. 🙂 We’re all super excited about the new addition to our family! It’s been 4 1/2 since there’s been a baby around here! Adjustments and changes are happening… (but when the changes are for kid as cute as this…it’s pretty easy!)

Every life is precious! We’re so thankful to God for a safe delivery and that little Lulu is healthy!

Guess I got a little more ‘wordy’ than usual, sorry about that, but it happens when I’m passionate about a subject! 😉

Always, Aims…a very proud big sister! 😀

I’ll be featuring “official baby pictures” soon!