Maci: The Cake Smash!

Today continues on from last week which featured the L Family.

Little Maci just turned one year old…

For the second part of their photo session, we did a cake smash! It started like this…

…and ended up like this!

This was the first cake smash I’ve photographed! I think it’s a great idea and it was hilarious to watch Maci interact with the cake… 😀

Ah, it’s all about the icing…

Haha, I think she didn’t know what to do with herself! 🙂 This was a home baked birthday cake by the way!

More chocolate and more icing!

I hope I meet more parents as cool as Maci’s…because I had SO much and would love to do this again sometime! 😀

Today I miss…

Today I’m missing my kitty, Tango.  She was my first “very own” pet and got her as a birthday gift one year.  But…I live on a farm… and along with farm life comes the fact that sometimes pets “disappear”. (Yes, she was an outdoor cat because my Dad is allergic.)  Last fall… she didn’t come home one night, and hasn’t come home since. This just makes me more thankful for the few pictures I do have! 🙂  The picture below is the one that inspired today’s post… I randomly came across it while looking for another picture.


This is me and some of my little sibs. I’m holding Tango and the kids each have one of her kittens.  Their names are Mango (the orange one), Night-Fury (the multi-coloured one my brother is holding), Hiccup is the long haired one (can you tell we’ve seen How to Train Your Dragon?!) The other one ended up with the name, Salsa.

It’s hard to get five people and five cat/kittens to look at the camera at the same time…!!!

And…I couldn’t resist adding this one of Boo with the kittens…


🙂 Till next time,

Always, Aims