Feature: Buddy’s Train

This is Little Buddy…with his favourite type of toy; a train.

First of all, this is a super special train! It was hand made crafted by his very talented Grandpa. The train wasn’t a “built by instructions” kit either, this was made “from scratch”.  Isn’t it beautiful?!

Little Buddy is a super intense kid… especially when trains are involved. He kind of has a one track mind, meaning that when it comes to a train versus the “girl with the black thing in front of her face” (me)… the train wins; hands down.

Which means…

…I was, quite literally, ignored.

But that’s ok… (Obviously a train is WAY more interesting than I am…who knew, eh?) hehe, jk 😀

However, I think I got a pretty realistic look into what his character actually is, a sneak peek his true personality.

This little guy concentrates…deeply, on whatever is in front of him. Perhaps focused is a better word.

He likes to work, and to build stuff with his hands (can’t wait to see what this kid will do with lego in a few years!)

He is a very determined kind of guy, and doesn’t get distracted when he’s busy with something (especially his trains!)

*Sigh* I adore little boys.  I love how they get dirty when they’re outside, how they find everything around them simply fascinating.  I enjoy taking pictures of kids, because for a short time I see the world from their perspective. I have the briefest glimpse into their little life.

Yes, he does have gorgeous eyelashes, doesn't he? 😉

Everything around them is just waiting to be discovered.

Every three year old has a version of this expression I think! 🙂 (he really was very happy at this point, just sayin’)

I had a lovely time the day!

Thanks for letting me share a little peek into a little boy’s life…

Always, Aims

P.s. I try to give families and (especially) children some privacy by not using their real names on the blog.  If you do know them (him) please refrain from using his real name in the comments. Thanks! 😀