July 8-14


Here’s the second week of July as seen through my various electronics.

July 8

IMG_0572I took Rasco to assist me in a family photo session (look for that feature post on my blog soon!) and we celebrated with starbucks afterwards.

July 9

The busy day I took a moment to look up and saw the sun rays flowing off of the clouds.


July 10

A honey bee enjoying some of my favourite blossoms – lavender.


What I like to call a “drive by shooting”. Snapped this from the car on the way home. A lovely sunset over Kal lake.


July 11

We had VBS all last week at our church, made for a busy week – but it’s a fun kind of busy. With some of the kids who came.


July 12.

The first day I didn’t take a picture.  A hard day, attended the funeral of a family friend.

July 13

A piece of my Grandma’s legendary pumpkin dessert.  If you’ve ever had the honour of eating a piece, you’ll know why it’s worth of a picture. If you haven’t had the honour – know you’re missing out – big time!


Beach. Water. Sunset. I love that I’m blessed live here.



July 14

We celebrated Lulu’s first birthday at at park.


It was also the afternoon I “officially” tried an energy drink. It’s worth a picture – yes. (I shared it with my best friend. It was fun.)


And there we go. 🙂 Excited to see what this week will bring. I’m enjoying the challenge – because it’s teaching me to stop and enjoy a moment.  To stop and see a moment.


Always, Aims

Northern Lights


Blog title and picture are pretty self explanatory.  When my sister noticed the Northern Lights were out last night, I immediately went and grabbed my camera. I’ve only tried photographing them once before…so quite enjoyed doing it again!

Have you done night photography before? What have you learned?

Enjoy! Come back Monday for a picture of the Big Dipper!

Always, Aims

Stylistic Portrait: MJ



Here’s a portrait of my friend, MJ.  He was my fellow intern in Colorado…and piles of fun! 🙂  It was really fun to hang out with him because our photographic styles are different (you should see what he can do with a flash…or two…or five!) …I so enjoyed his perspective and ideas.  Definitely came away from that week with new inspiration!

Oh yeah…he likes hats too – How cool is that, eh?!

Always, Aims

P.s. Sorry again for my “lack-of-blogging”- life has been super crazy! (which makes me 😀 and 😦 haha!) Anyways, check back soon (like tomorrow or the day after! 😉 ) I’ll be posting my most recent family shoot as well as the wedding I photographed a couple weekends ago – soon!




It’s been a little while since I posted a black and white picture – enjoy! 🙂  This is more on the artistic side of things, and I like this image – a lot. It was taken while I was in Colorado a few weeks ago.

Always, Aims

Real Life

It’s a “real life” kind of day. You ever had one of those? That day when your mental “to-do” list is growing faster than the coffee is brewing…and you look around and see all the must-dos that haven’t even made it on the list yet!

Life has been busy. (Obviously because I haven’t been blogging! Did you miss me? 😉 )

Easter was awesome – it’s one of my favourite holidays – it’s about taking time to remember, to come that point of utter thankfulness for what Jesus did me – for us! We enjoyed some gloriously warm sunshine.  We had a great time of fellowship with extended family and friends – uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, etc. It was loud. It was beautiful.

I said good bye to this guy.

20121229-SAG-03647My younger taller bro, Mitch.  He’s in the Philippines for a couple months to do some mission work.  He and his friend will be updating their blog if you want to follow what they’re up to! I’m SO excited to see what God will do through them!

Last weekend I road tripped with some of my sibs to southern Alberta.  It was fantastic. Lots of laughs. New perspectives on the theme of the weekend: forgiveness. Fellowship with old and new friends. Road trips are just (almost) always awesome.

So why is it a “real life” day? Because I just looked around my room and saw the mess (clean but unfolded laundry) I saw my tax papers in a pile. Unwritten blog posts. All the normal stuff that hasn’t been done.  It’s about priorities, right? No my room doesn’t look like a show room at a show home, but I got to have some cuddles with a squishy 9 month old. No, my taxes aren’t done, but some of my friendships are stronger because of some good conversations for which I ‘made’ the time.  Real life happens… to all of us.

So enjoy your real life for what it is, take a moment to enjoy the friendships you have, give that baby an extra kiss, take that moment to read the Word.

Because I promise you – your room will still be messy tomorrow 😉

As crazy as April has been so far – it won’t be slowing down! I’ll be heading back to the States next week 🙂 I’ll blog when I can!

Always, Aims

I’m Impressed…

I’m officially impressed with anyone who can keep up with blogging regularly during Christmas…

I, for one, can’t – obviously!

So…next year maybe I’ll pre-blog for Christmas…in August or something! just kidding! 😉 (actually, it sounds like a good idea…if I remember to actually do it then!) OR, how do you blog when you’re SUPER UBER busy? I’m open to ideas! 😉

It’s not for lack of wanting that it’s been quiet around here…my busy life has just been busier than usual!

Always, Aims

No promises…but I’m still hoping to get at least one Christmas related post online before Christmas!

Discovered: The L.A. Flower District


Recently, I traveled to Southern California.  While there, I had the opportunity to visit the Los Angeles Flower District.


I believe almost every flower imaginable is shipped there! Just kidding, I know that isn’t true… but it sure felt like it! Fresh flowers from all over the world arrive (almost) freshly picked.




Some were obviously more recognizable than others! 😉



To think… all these were available in November!


After being purchased, flowers are wrapped in newspaper, often from their country of origin.




Well, I hoped you enjoyed a little taste of my journey through the flower market! I found the whole process fascinating and am super glad I took the opportunity to go when it was offered!

Always, Aims


This weekend, we celebrate thanksgiving here in Canada.  So my mind has been tossing around the words “thanks or thankful”.  I’ve also been recollecting a little over the past year, the 12 months since last thanksgiving (this might have to do with the fact that my current computer screen savor consists of various pictures of people and places from the last year and a half.)

I’m thankful for so many things…and I’m sharing a list today.  These are different things that have come to mind as I’ve contemplated the word “thankful”.  Many of these I have (and still do!) often take for granted.  Some of them I have become more thankful for…because people close to me have lost these during the past year, or don’t have them at all.  This post is a chance for me to step back for a minute…to think…and most of all…to be thankful.  My list of gifts; (not necessarily in order of importance or significance!)

Jesus Christ – because without Him my entire life’s story would be different.

(Close) friends and new friends – even when you have to say good bye. (So many good byes said this year it seems!)  …but look on the bright side, new friends mean new adventures!

My parents –  Words can’t describe…how much I’ve learned from them, how much they mean to me, how thankful I am…

My Siblings – Because I think my life would be boring without them 😛 This time last year I didn’t know I’d be a big sister again 😉

Music – the gift of being able to hear – because there are people who can’t hear…and people who have never heard music…

My Camera – because through it I see things with a different perspective.  And through it I can stop time, capture a moment.

My grandparents – Three of my grandparents are still living – and I’ve become more and more grateful for every day I get to spend with them, every time I get to see them…  because I’ve seen some of my friends go through the loss of a grandparent this past year.

Sight – I can’t imagine not seeing…can’t imagine life without colour.

Health – Seeing people close to me go through various health issues this past year has been hard.  From autoimmune diseases to cancer.  If you’re healthy – be thankful!

Food – because it’s yummy…and life would be flavourless without it. 😛

My country – the freedom we have here!

Coffee – because well…you can’t really compare anything to coffee…

Imagination – also a gift 🙂

Laughter – because laughter is a choice and its good for the soul…especially if you have someone with which you can share it. 🙂

The Present – to be thankful of where I am – right now…because by this time next year…things will have changed…because they always do.

So – BE THANKFUL – right now! For what you have, for where you are, and for the people you’re with… because normal never stays “normal”.

Always, Aims