Professional Portraits: Fran



Meet Fran! 🙂 She just finished her Masters degree.  She’s a friend of mine, so I was super excited when she called me up, asking me to get some professional head shots – business portraits – of her.  We’ve had some crazy weather this last week…random blowing snow and sunshine in the same day…and hail!  We were pretty happy to get one of the sunny hours for our photoshoot.





Fran, I wish you only the best for your career! Congratulations on finishing your Masters degree! 😀



Always, Aims

Upgrade in my Studio!

The cool thing about starting with something as simple as a box…is that it can only get better from there! 😉 Very similar to our box post.. but with a mannequin head. Always fun to make things more interesting in class…we dressed our mannequins up a little. 😉 Mine seems to have somewhat of a French air about him, wouldn’t you agree?

Broad Lighting: Ratio 3:1. Order: B, M, F

Short Lighting: Ratio 2:1. Order:B, M, F

Rembrandt Lighting: Ratio 8:1. Order: B, M, F

Profile Lighting: Ratio 4:1. Order: B, M, F

Butterfly Lighting: Ratio: 8:1. Oder: B, M, F

Well I’ve heard hints our next studio subjects will be people…! So come on back soon!

Always, Aims