Is it dead?


I’ve been asking myself lately (among the bazillion other things always swirling through my mind) if my blog is dead.


And no.

I don’t know.

I guess I haven’t decided how or if I’ll try resurrecting it. I’ve considered many times deleting it and/or starting a new one.  I’ve tried and pressured myself many times to restart or keeping going from where I left off.  I’ve realized that that would be impossible because in the five years since I started blogging I’ve almost become a completely different person.  In five years not only have I gotten married, I’ve become a mother, and my hubby and I have build a house (well, almost…it isn’t finished yet haha.) Going through all of those life events changes you.  Part of me wishes I could have kept up with the blog for my own sake to be able to look back at the memories.

This blog is special though because it’s a little piece of my personal history that will always be there. The pictures and the memories tied to it are priceless especially as I see how much my family has changed as well and how my little siblings have grown up into beautiful teenagers.

I still love creating…and maybe this will grow into a new and different creative outlet.

The possibilities are endless…and maybe that’s the best part?

Always, Aims


Feature: R Family


I’ve debated a little on this post… Mostly because it’s my fault. I’ve taken this wonderful family’s pictures before, but with my life being busy…


…in other words I was preoccupied first with a boyfriend, then a fiance, then with planning a wedding… and if you’ve followed my blog at all (or more likely you gave up on my blog and I lost you along the way haha!) you’ve noticed I haven’t been blogging lately.

So to tell the truth, I have some other photoshoots of this family I haven’t posted yet. Like her adorable baby pictures…(ah those eyes!!)


And another session of these boys before she was born…




But in the end I decided for now, to start current… and in the new year I’ll catch up on what I missed before. 🙂


But back to why I’m here…! We hit a lovely fall day, no rain, no wind…and not too cold for the little ones! I always enjoy the interactions with children, making them laugh and giggle… (and coaxing them to look at the camera! haha!)


Can’t end without a picture of their lovely parents!


Come back in the new year, I’ll be posting some more of this awesome family!

Always, Aims

Feature: Liebelt Family

So excited to feature the Liebelt Family on my blog today!

Especially little Leon…

(Hum yeah, I kind of fell in love with those eyes!)

…The day before our photoshoot Leon celebrated his FIRST birthday!

It’s hard to believe he’s a year already…He sure doesn’t look like the same newborn featured on my blog last year…Yeah, I did this cute little guy’s newborn pictures….wow time flies!

Then his mom brought out the bubbles…

Leon was a trooper, our photoshoot ran into his nap time, he did pretty good though – considering. 🙂  He’s also the first child that LOVED my camera….maybe because of the clicking sound? We had a hard time getting him to sit still and NOT crawl for the photographer… (I was flattered though 😉 )

We ended the session with a little cake smash… he was really tired by this time so the cake wasn’t that interesting to him… but it was fun 🙂  Maybe we can do another cake smash when he’s 10 or something – now THAT would be…crazy! 😉

And just one more to end today’s post. I seriously had a hard time choosing which pictures to blog…there were so many adorable ones!

Always, Aims

P.s. You can see Leon’s newborn photos HERE.

Define: Normal


Today marks the first official Family Day here in British Columbia! A long weekend between Christmas and Easter…is well, kind of awesome! It’s a day meant to spend with your family.  So here’s a peek at some of the people with which I get to spend today.


But it’s a little of the “other side” of us…or perhaps a more normal side 😉



As a plaque in our living room reads: As Far as Anyone Knows, We’re a Nice Normal Family. As much as the words make us laugh…there’s definitely some truth ringing there! 😉









Always, Aims

All of Us!


What better way to start the New Year than with a blog post of my entire family?! Ever since I started blogging people would ask here and there for a picture of all of us… Well, here it is – finally!  With a couple of my brothers not living at home and other’s jobs which require commuting…It’s rather seldom that we’re all together at the same time…so when we did a little family get-away last month I jumped on the opportunity even though it was snowing outside! My family was awesome enough to run outside – get a little wet- and still smile! 😀

Well, there you have it – a picture of my family!

Always, Aims


This weekend, we celebrate thanksgiving here in Canada.  So my mind has been tossing around the words “thanks or thankful”.  I’ve also been recollecting a little over the past year, the 12 months since last thanksgiving (this might have to do with the fact that my current computer screen savor consists of various pictures of people and places from the last year and a half.)

I’m thankful for so many things…and I’m sharing a list today.  These are different things that have come to mind as I’ve contemplated the word “thankful”.  Many of these I have (and still do!) often take for granted.  Some of them I have become more thankful for…because people close to me have lost these during the past year, or don’t have them at all.  This post is a chance for me to step back for a minute…to think…and most of all…to be thankful.  My list of gifts; (not necessarily in order of importance or significance!)

Jesus Christ – because without Him my entire life’s story would be different.

(Close) friends and new friends – even when you have to say good bye. (So many good byes said this year it seems!)  …but look on the bright side, new friends mean new adventures!

My parents –  Words can’t describe…how much I’ve learned from them, how much they mean to me, how thankful I am…

My Siblings – Because I think my life would be boring without them 😛 This time last year I didn’t know I’d be a big sister again 😉

Music – the gift of being able to hear – because there are people who can’t hear…and people who have never heard music…

My Camera – because through it I see things with a different perspective.  And through it I can stop time, capture a moment.

My grandparents – Three of my grandparents are still living – and I’ve become more and more grateful for every day I get to spend with them, every time I get to see them…  because I’ve seen some of my friends go through the loss of a grandparent this past year.

Sight – I can’t imagine not seeing…can’t imagine life without colour.

Health – Seeing people close to me go through various health issues this past year has been hard.  From autoimmune diseases to cancer.  If you’re healthy – be thankful!

Food – because it’s yummy…and life would be flavourless without it. 😛

My country – the freedom we have here!

Coffee – because well…you can’t really compare anything to coffee…

Imagination – also a gift 🙂

Laughter – because laughter is a choice and its good for the soul…especially if you have someone with which you can share it. 🙂

The Present – to be thankful of where I am – right now…because by this time next year…things will have changed…because they always do.

So – BE THANKFUL – right now! For what you have, for where you are, and for the people you’re with… because normal never stays “normal”.

Always, Aims

Lulu – 10 weeks

Look who’s growing up! Can’t believe little Lulu is 10 weeks already, time flies.

I just snapped these quick the other day while she was visiting me in my room.

The other reason I wanted to take some pictures… the dress she is wearing is kind of significant. My Mom sewed it for my older sister, Jane, around 23 years ago… Most of the sisters have worn it.

She loves her “suckie” too.

And she still does a lot of this:

What else can I say? 😀

Always, Aims

Grandpa’s Hands…

My Grandfather’s hands.

This picture is special to me for sentimental value as much as anything else. A picture of my Grandpa, doing something he loves to do.  A man who plays every note by ear… a man who, when he was young, used his lunch breaks to play guitar. A man who, shared his love of music with his children, and who in turn poured that same love into their children.  I’m one of the grandchildren, who has grown up surrounded by music, and the love of family…the love of my grandparents.

I don’t think I’ve realized how blessed am…to have grown up with all four of my grandparents close by. To be showered in their prayers and affection, and to learn from how they have lived their lives.  I couldn’t begin to write about everything I’ve learned from them… but a couple things that come to mind. First and foremost, their love for Christ…and how they have all strived to live His love, and to share His love with those around them; wether strangers, friends, or family. To keep a sense of humour, even in tough times.  When I think of the marriages of both sets of my grandparents, I know what “true love” is…and I know it’s more than fuzzy feelings inside, because I’ve seen them come through some hard times, and I know it’s possible to adore your spouse even after over 50 years of marriage. To do job, and to do it right. Take time for the ones you love. Think before you act…it might lead to injury if you don’t.  Generosity.  Hospitality.  Caring about “un-carable” people.  Think of others before yourself.  Well the list could continue…and continue.  Suffice to say…I’ve been blessed; extremely.

And, I’m thankful.

Always, Aims

Feature: The L Family

I’m delighted to introduce the L Family! 😀

The uber adorable 1 year old!

We met at Ben-Lee Park in Kelowna. It was a great location, with lots of grass, some cool graffiti, and a playground with a slide.

Little Maci did really well! You never know what a one year old will do! 😉 All in all I was pretty impressed with how she handled everything (ok, with how she handled me; a stranger.)

Isn’t she just too cute for words?!

I had a great time with this family…I’m super excited to feature the next part of their photo session, which will include… chocolate, pink, a tutu, icing, and…a mess.  (But a very cute mess 😉 ) Come back soon!

Always, Aims

An Outdoor Concert

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been spending some time with my family this week. 🙂 We spent the long weekend out of town and stretched that into Tuesday and for some that carried on into Wednesday.

Yesterday, our “family band” gave some guests a little outdoor concert.

Trying to make a longish story short… there were about 10 RVs parked in our baseball diamond over night.

They’re on their way across Canada (how cool is that?!) The evening’s entertainment included a little Southern Gospel music. 😀

Our band…

The man who started it all, my Grandpa. Instilling a love of music into his children who have passed it down to their children.

Grandpa started the band years ago when my mom and her siblings were kids.  It’s grown to include their spouses and the grandchildren.  Over the years we’ve played in church and different nursing homes throughout the city.



Bass Guitar and viola

Cousin love 🙂

The keyboard.

The newest addition to the family band. The Double Bass!

He was tuning at the time I took the picture, hence the serious expression. 😉

More guitars and one of the three mandolins (a little too cool look at the camera though 😉 )

Introducing the all new “Mandolin-Air”.

Another electric

Another way to play pizzicato, just hold it like a guitar 😉

Of course, our guests! 😀

After this I joined in with my violin! It was great to play together again! As we’ve grown up and there are more schedules to work with it’s hard to get everyone together at the same time!  Even last night there were at least three missing. If we’re all there I think we’re about 21 musicians strong (not including the mandolin air 😉 )

So very thankful for my grandparents and my parents who have encouraged the love of music in their children and grandchildren!

Definitely a lovely memory of this summer!

Always, Aims