Portrait: Devon

So I’m super excited to share today’s portrait feature with you!! 😀  This is Devon, she was my model for my final shoot at my photography course.  For our finals, we went to Garden of the Gods which is close to Colorado Springs, Colorado. The goal was to use our speed lights as well as the natural light around us.

My beautiful bubbly model Devon.  She’s been living in Colorado for the last few months and at the time of this shoot she was leaving for home in the next couple of days. My goal was to not only take great pictures of Devon, but to capture Devon in Colorado…so that when she sees these pictures she would be reminded of her time there.

I really enjoyed the challenge of using “artificial” light as well as ambient light.  I was also blessed with a patient model! The location of Garden of the Gods was also absolutely spectacular!

Thanks Devon, for being a great model! For your patience! For your laughter! Keeping sharing that gorgeous smile….and I hope you get to go to Oxford someday! 🙂

Always, Aims