30 Days in England: Day 19 (Gravestones Pt. 2)

Yesterday, I realized that there were too many “gravestone pictures” to fit into one post… (weird I know!) But I didn’t want to leave any out, so decided to post (just a few!) more today!

I don’t why gravestones suddenly interested me while I was there… there’s just this certain beauty ‘something’ about it that seemed to catch my attention.  Maybe knowing that there is a story to each one, a story of the person who passed away and the people they left living. There was history there.  Or maybe it was the reminder that people always have, and always will…die…no matter what time period you lived.

And one more… this one felt so “medieval” for some reason.

Well, hope you enjoyed a peek of the England most people don’t post about! I promise there won’t be gravestones tomorrow! 😀

Always, Aims

30 Days in England: Day 18 (Gravestones)

Another thing I loved about England…were the epic gravestones. (Don’t laugh! This is true!) 🙂

So…enjoy the “artistic” perspective of it! Lots of them didn’t have names or dates, the weather having erased any personal recognition attached to them.

Or sometimes… they were so simple…

Or… intricate!

When people think of traveling to England…they probably don’t think of the old graveyards and gravestones there, I know I didn’t! Nonetheless it ended up being a super interesting part of my trip!

Always, Aims