Hair Cut :-)

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I’m posting this for myself as much as anyone else…Obviously, I got a hair cut a couple weeks ago…the first  “real cut” in about 6 years.  I’m blogging about it so I can look back and remember and “measure” how fast it’s growing back 😉

Always, Aims

Hair Donation

With the summer heat, my little sisters decided to get their hair cut…and donate it. 🙂

I’m proud of them because I was going to do something similar last fall…and totally chickened out when we started measuring how much to cut off. (Guess I’m more sentimental about my hair than I thought!)

Munchkin donated 8 inches of her lovely blonde curls.

Rasco… (remember her adorable photoshoot?) she’s donating 15 inches of her beautiful red hair.

Yeah, a different type of personal post I know… (it’s not even about me!) 🙂 But I wanted to remember when they did this and chronicle it somewhere… what better place than my blog? 😉

Always, Aims