Hat Post: Light Green and Aviators

Another “poor-boy” hat.  It’s also another gift hat.  Hat’s that are gifts are always awesome because… well, chances are I probably wouldn’t have it otherwise… 🙂 Yup. I love the textured look of this hat… and it’s green 😉

The ‘aviators’ are vintage…1970s maybe? hehe.

Happy Monday!

Always, Aims

Of a Hat and a Cat…

With summer almost over, I still wanted to post one of my very “summery” hats.  The wide brim keeps the sun off and it’s nice and light-weight for those hot days.  Because it’s so simple, it’s easy to dress down or dress up with it. 🙂

The cat is a stray… she showed up about a week and a half ago and we haven’t been able to track down her family yet.  She just joined us while we were snapping these pictures and they ended up being my favourite from the set. 🙂

Always, Aims

P.s. Thx for snapping the pics, Sis 😉

Hat Post: The Gift!

Another new hat. 🙂  This one is from a friend…a “just because” gift. From someone who saw it and thought of me, isn’t that sweet?! A new hat and a new hat story. 🙂

I love the simplicity of this hat and the 1920s vintage feel of its style. Definitely my type of hat 😉

She even put a little personal touch to it…so thoughtful!

Thanks Jenny! 😀 I love it! You’ve got great taste!

Always, Aims


My Newest Hat!

Two three of my sisters and my cousin gave me this hat for my birthday last week.  It’s different from any of my other hats, which is probably why I like it 😀 It has a vintage feel to it, but I can’t decide which decade it would fit into the best.  It’s black and white which means it will match with almost any outfit I put together… (how cool is that?!)

Thanks Rasco, Munchkin, Bill, and Boo…I love the hat! It was so thoughtful of you all to buy it for me.

Always, Aims


Hat Post: 1940s

So…it’s been a long time since I wrote “a hat post“.  If you weren’t around then, I’ll just bring you up to date.  Basically…I like hats (a lot! 😀 ) and have a collections of them. So I started posting about my different hats and the story behind them – if there is one.

I saw this one weeks and weeks ago but didn’t want to pay full price (duh! Who ever wants to pay full price?) Last week, on a whim, I went back into the store and saw that it was half price…just in time to wear to my friend’s outdoor ceremony for her wedding. 🙂

It reminds of something from the late 1930s to early 1940s…I like the vintage feel…

Always, Aims

I plan to continue featuring my hat collection weekly or at the least by-weekly. 🙂

So I have “this thing” for hats…

Just coming through another weekend…! Hope yours was as nice as mine! 😉 Birthday celebrations always make for great “add ons” to an otherwise “normal” (whatever that is!) weekend. 🙂 With a family (including extended) the size of mine, we get to celebrate often! 😀

On to the reason for my post…

So I have this “thing” for hats.  It started years ago when one of my brothers found a “poor boy” (newsie) type hat in a park.  Lucky for me there was a flower on it, and he gave it too me. (Thinking back…wearing a hat found in a park is a little gross…but, it was years ago and I’m still alive. I probably wouldn’t do that now though, just sayin’.) Lots of people said it looked good on me…guess I have a nice face shape for hats…? 🙂 That’s how it started…I’ve bought and received various hats ever since and I have a whole little shelf of my “hat collection”.

I’ve decided post pictures (and the stories that go with them if there is one!) of my hat collection.  Kind of like an “ongoing feature”.  So if you like hats as much as I do…be sure and check back!


My sister crocheted this one for me (hum yeah she’s awesome like that!) so I’m not sure what to call it.  I like this one because it’s simple and goes with a lot of my outfits.  It’s perfect for a “bad hair day” haha. It’s super versatile and works if my hair is up but it’s also a fabulous “add on” if I just want to leave my hair down.  When styling it the day of the picture, I was going for a “1920s feel”.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my hat collection… there will be (many!) more in the (nearish?) future…!

Always, Aims