Returned, Refreshed…

Well, you may – or may not – have noticed my lack of blogging these past few weeks…

But honestly, after being SO consistent for so long (ok, it was only – what? – sixish months) it was great just to take a break…although it wasn’t really a “planned break” I believe it was beneficial. (By the way, my main excuse for not blogging is that I’ve been super uber busy – including a glorious week spent in Southern California 😀 how cool is that, eh!?)

Anyways, I’ve returned. 🙂 Refreshed. Ready (I think hope!) for the next six months of blogging.

I’m refreshed because I took a break – I “got away”- especially from social media. I didn’t have to think about it.  I didn’t have to plan my next week of blogging or tweet or think about the ideal times posting etc. You get the idea. 😉 (I’ve been thinking lots about this whole realm we call social media…stay tuned for more thoughts on that in the near future!) I believe I needed this time… to take a little step back – and think.

Always, Aims

Well…that was a wordy “I’m back” post… 😀



Easter via “Cellphone Cam”

Easter Sunday… as seen through the lens of my cell phone. 🙂

For some reason our family was never into the whole “Easter hunt” thing. I can’t really remember doing “egg hunts” etc. growing up… and we still don’t now that I’m older, haha.  However, on Easter morning… our table is always laden with various Easter type candies.  I baked Maple Nut Scones for our family’s Easter breakfast (please notice: I took a picture of food! 😀 Or, at least I tried, ok?!) Of course, no matter the day, Easter breakfast wouldn’t really be complete without coffee…

Easter chocolate from Oma:

I remember the days when the only way to get this stuff was when someone brought it from Germany!


The Easter lily on our counter. Our spring wreath and some tulips. I LOVE that spring…means flowers! 🙂

In the evening our church service was called “the road to Calvary”.  We read through the different events leading up to the resurrection.

Some tangible reminders of what we remember at Easter:

A palm leaf, similar perhaps to what the people waved in the triumphal entry. Perfume, a reminder of the spikenard Mary wiped upon Jesus’ feet.  30 coins, the price they paid for Jesus. A cup and bread, reminds us of the last supper. Thorns, used for His crown.  A sponge, it was dipped and offered to Jesus as he hung on the cross.  Dice, for they cast lots for his clothes. The cross reminds us how He died. Strips of cloth; they wrapped His body in these after He died.


But this is the reason we celebrate!


Hope your Easter was as special as mine! 😀

Always, Aims